Doma TV

The Nova TV media group has been offering a specialized entertainment-oriented TV channel since 2011. Since then, Doma TV has brought its audience TV premieres of top programs produced by major American production companies such as Warner Bros, Walt Disney, CBS, Fox and Sony, as well as top European production companies such as the BBC, Discovery, A+E.

The goal of this specialized channel is to provide the best TV content to viewers who want quality entertainment. Doma TV broadcasts top TV series, highest-quality feature and documentary films, as well as lifestyle-oriented programmes. In line with its expansion and global trends, Doma TV received a new visual identity in September 2014, confirming this specialized channel’s ongoing development directed towards the desires and needs of an audience which prefers a dynamic and positive TV experience filled with adventure. Its programming aims to satisfy those emotions, Doma TV has become known as a different, high-quality TV channel which provides entertainment to its viewers in a completely different way.