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Family Katić live at the dawn of World War II in Belgrade. Bogdan Dragovic has returned from emigration, trying to re-establish ties with the Communist Party from which he was expelled. His abandoned wife, Milena Katić, becomes emotionally involved with Petar Bajević, Comintern’s agent. Milena and Bogdan’s son Vladimir, a member of the Communist Party himself, turns against his father. The Second World War breaks out, Vladimir joins the partisans, while Petar and Bogdan end up in the Gestapo.

Production: United Media production

Executive production: Eye To Eye

Author: Goran Šušljik

Director: Ivan Živković

Screenwriter: Sanja Savić Milosavljavić

Cast: Nada Šargin, Goran Bogdan, Žarko Laušević, Nataša Ninković, Radovan Vujović, Goran Šušljik, Nebojša Dugalić, Isidora Simijonović, Pavle Mensur, Pavle Čemerikić.


The suicide of the son of a local powerful man in Subotica, the Serbian capital of suicides, does not seem like a complicated case for the police. No one but Sonja Kljun, a young detective sent from Belgrade to calm her inconsolable father. Staying in Subotica will turn Sonja’s life upside down, especially when she and her ten-year-old daughter start having frightening dreams that occasionally come true. By accepting her unusual gift, Sonja will reveal the dangerous conspiracy that lies behind the alleged suicide, but also the deeply buried secret from her past.

Production: United Media production

Executive production: Delirium Film

Directors: Uroš Tomić and Jelena Gavrilović

Screenwriters:Matija Dragojević. Ljubica Luković

Cast: Ivana Vuković, Drena Mršić, Stefan Vukić, Mićko Ljubičić, Ljiljana Blagojević, Mario Knezović, Filip Đurić, Nataša Šolak, Darko Ivić, Senda Boukadida, Ivana V. Jovanović, Ljubiša Milišić, Mirko Vlahović, Vahid Džanković.

Awards: Canneseries (2021) , Audience award



The story of Alexander I Karadjordjevic, the “unifying king”, starts with his return from the First World War to liberated Belgrade in November 1918, where the creation of the state of South Slavs begins, and ends with his assassination in Marseille in 1934.

Production: United Media Production

Director: Zdravko Šotra

Cast: Ljubomir Bulajić, Petar Strugar, Branislav Lečić, Svetozar Cvetković, Miodrag Krstović, Hadži Nenad Maričić, Irfan Mensur, Tanasije Uzunović, Žan-Mark Bar, Tamara Aleksić, Radivoje Bukvić, Žarko Laušević, Pol Leonard Marej, Vojislav Voja Brajović, Branimir Brstina, Ivan Jevtović, Nada Macanković, Danica Maksimović, Nataša Ninković, Marko Pavlović, Ljubivoje Tadić, Joakim Tasić, Srđan Timarov, Goran Šušljik, Nebojša Ilić, Vlasta Velisavljević, Vojin Ćetković.


Kasika, a middle-aged Belgrade criminal, a member of the old school, stuck in time when he was in full force, is eager to spend the weekend with Ognjen, his eleven-year-old son from a previous marriage. Since he has not seen him for five years because he got a restraining order due to ‘small complications’, Kasika is trying to rapidly imprint on his son everything he considers important for life and survival on the street and at the same time expel everything which is in his opinion soft, weak and deviant.

Ognjen, who has grown up in a modern wi-fi environment, goes from the virtual world lightning fast, without time to catch his breath, into the underground world of his father who tries the impossible – to deliver all the warmth, experience and wisdom he possesses in a few days, while, as ‘the real Belgrade charmer’, he is trying to hide his illness from his son…

Production: United Media Production

Director: Miroslav Momčilović

Cast: Nenad Jezdić, Vasa Mareš, Bane Vidaković, Marko Gvero, Miki Krstović, Anja Alač, Nikola Pejaković, Gorica Popović, Ana Radović, Džej Ramadanovski, Jelena Đukić.


Six years after the events in the first season, the series main characters Tane and Stanko start an adventure which will shed new light on the hidden history of the Balkans. The heated atmosphere of social and ideological upsets includes careers being destroyed and created and secret societies and illegal organizations targeting state policies. And while drug gangs wage a ruthless war on the streets, Belgrade is shaken by a series of horrific murders which bring the heroes to the very heart of the mystery of one of the best known assassinations of the 20th century. The epic flow, exciting action, colourful new and old characters will take the second season of Shadows Over the Balkans a step further in setting new standards for domestic feature programmes. The new season begins airing in March 2019.

Production house: Cobra Film

Cast: Dragan Bjelogrlić, Andrija Kuzmanović, Marija Bergam, Gordan Kičić, Jovana Stojiljković, Srđan Žika Todorović, Nenad Jezdić and others.

Production and crew: director: Dragan Bjelogrlić, scenario: Dragan Bjelogrlić, Vladimir Kecmanović, Dejan Stojiljković, Boban Jevtić; cinematography: Ivan Kostić, editing: Lazar Predojev, composer: Magnifico, costumes: Boris Čakširan, scenography: Goran Joksimović.


This is a story about the soldiers of a cannon battery in the First World War who, like hundreds of thousands of others, made the glory of the Serbian army immortal. Some of them were young men for whom this was the first war, as it is the case for the main character Stevan, a newly graduated biology student when his father accompanies him to the war not knowing if he would ever see him again; other warriors already hardened by the war and yet only peasants who will think of their families and native fields in moments of respite. Gathered from all sides of Serbia and infinitely different, through all the difficult days and battles, they become one in the defense of their homeland. This is a story of their heroism and friendship, a story of harmony and brotherhood without which none of them would have survived. Only one of them survived, and this series is his memory of comrades-in-arms, as well as the memory of half a million Serbian soldiers killed in the First World War, over whose graves a small blue flower, gentian, blooms to protect them since destiny and history failed to do that…

Director: Predrag Antonijević

Screenplay: Predrag Antonijević, Nataša Drakulić

Cast: Ljubomir Bandović, Marko Vasiljević, Vuk Jovanović, Marko Pavlovski


“Heavenly Theme” is a documentary with elements of a feature film about the greatest gentleman of rock and roll and the author of timeless songs, Vlada Divljan.

It features the most important ex-Yu authors, who recorded (and performed in the film) new versions of Vlada’s songs especially for this occasion. The film stars Darko Rundek, Momčilo Bajagić Bajaga, Svetozar Cvetković, Zdenko Kolar, Aleksandar Šandorov, Dušan Strajnić, Mladen Juričić Max, Srđan Gojković Gile, Dušan Kojić Koja, Srđan Šaper, Goranka Matić, Momčilo Moma Rajin, Emil Tedeschi, Dina Divljan, Stevan Divljan and Pavle Divljan, Ivana Šoljan, Bojana Vunturišević, Ida Prester, Svetlana Đolović, Siniša Škarica, Slobodan Konjović, Ana Đurić Konstrakta, Ana Radonjić Zoe Kida, Dubravka Marković, members of bands Minilinija, Ljetno Kino Big Band and Old Stars Band.

Director and screenwriter: Mladen Matičević

Director of photography Boris Poljak

Executive producer: Milena Džambasović

Film director: Nađa Lapčević



Aleksandar Jakovljević, a young police inspector, was at the scene of the murder of one of the most popular Serbian singers – Lune. During this event, the only person who loves him unconditionally and who has always supported him – Aleksandar’s girlfriend Jelena, was severely wounded. Raising the question of who was, in fact, the target of this crime, who ordered and perpetrated it, leads us down the rabbit hole of jet set and football, and the truth is, as always, painful and unpredictable. The second season of the show Ubice mog oca reveals to the audience the world of jet set and football we have never seen before, and our hero finds himself in danger because, with everything else happening, his only concern is one thing – who murdered his father?

Cast: Marko Janketić, Vuk Kostić, Tihomir Stanić, Miodrag Radonjić, Slaviša Čurović, Peđa Bjelac, Predrag Bjelac, Nebojša Glogovac, Mirjana Karanović, Nataša Ninković, Katarina Radivojević, Elizabeta Đorevska, Slavko Štimac, Nina Janković Dičić, Anica Dobra, Ulix Fehmiu, Radoslav Milenković, Milena Vasić, Ivana Dudić, Uliks Fehmiu, Đorđe Živadinović Grgur, Nina Janković, Dragan Mićanović, Denis Murić, Jelisaveta Orašanin, Isidora Simijonović, Andrija Terzić, Aleksandar Đurica, Miodrag Dragičević, Tatjana Kecman, Andrija Milošević…, Aleksandar Stojković, Ivana Nikolić…

Directors: Miroslav Lekić i Ivan Živković, Predrag Antonijević


In the third season of the show Ubice mog oca inspector Aleksandar Jakovljević works on a murder case of a renowned doctor which leads him in several directions with an unpredictable plot twist in the end. Through this case, the show dramatically tackles the issues of the relationship between the public and the private sector in this field. At the same time, there is a great war going on between drug cartels over the reign on the drug market, an issue Marijanović desperately tries to shield him from, which proves to be impossible. The past which Aleksandar has never managed to escape, despite everything, because the murder of his father Mile, former head of the Narcotics Department, was never solved, is knocking on his door again. He finds out the painful truth which changes everything…

Production house: United Media, Film Danas (Komuna) production

Cast: Vuk Kostić, Marko Janketić, Tihomir Stanić, Nina Janković, Miodrag Radonjić, Slavko Štimac, Elizabeta Đorevska, Marko Vasiljević.

Production team: directors Miroslav Lekić i Ivan Živković, screenplay Nataša Drakulić and Predrag Antonijević, series director Uglješa Jokić, photography director Miloš Kodemo, editing Filip Dedić, composer Aleksandra Kovač, costimography Senka Kljajić, scenography Nikola Berček.


The central case in the new season is rape and the authors of the series say they wanted to draw attention to the defeating statistics of a great many cases of sexual violence and the fact that the number of reported cases is still very small. Parallel to this story, viewers can follow the wars of the old criminal clans that inspectors Aleksandar Jakovljević (Vuk Kostić) and Mirko Pavlović (Marko Janketić) will try to figure out and, as before, take the side of justice. Also, the case of detecting the killer of inspector Janković’s father remains one of the priorities. Sloboda Mićalović plays the role of a new character – Dunja, an inspector for crime and sexual offence, in charge of identifying and finding the rapist. This character is a strong and capable woman who works tirelessly to help the victims of the unknown criminal.

Cast: Vuk Kostić, Marko Janketić, Tihomir Stanić, Nina Janković, Miodrag Radonjić, Slavko Štimac, Marko Vasiljević, Voja Brajović, Boris Komnenić, Aleksandra Prijović, Mladen Sovilj. The authors of the series are Predrag Gaga Antonijević and Nataša Drakulić

Production house: United Media, Film Danas (Komuna) and Dandelion Production.


The story revolves around two former inseparable friends and co-players of a popular basketball club which is on the brink of disaster nowadays, and which will reunite the duo in an effort to save it. This contemporary fairytale is, in fact, a story about second chances. The second chance for friendship, second chance for father and son, second chance for a failed club, second chance for unrealized talents, second chance for the search for happiness, second chance for a generation whose best years were eaten away by locusts.

Production house: TonFilm

Cast: Nebojša Dugalić, Filip Šovagović, Dubravka Mijatović, Svetozar Cvetković, Milica Zarić, Aleksandar Radojičić, Iva Ilinčić, Miona Marković, Žarko Laušević, Marko Nikolić, Bogdan Diklić, Predrag Ejdus, Žika Todorović, Dragan Mićanović, Vesna Trivalić, Boda Ninković, Borka Tomović, Nenad Heraković, Petar Benčina, Draško Zidar, Iskra Jirsak, Lucija Šerbedžija and the heroes of the show – young basketball players (Miša Dragičević, Jovan Jovanović, Vučić Perović, Pavle Vrkljan, Milorad Kapor).

Production team: author and producer Dragan Bjelogrlić, co-producer Tomica Paliković, show creator Marko Savić, executive producers Goran Bjelogrlić i Tatjana Žeželj, show director Nataša Višić, writers: Vladimir Kecmanović, Saša Podgorelec, Antonio Gabelić, Dušan Bulić, Marko Manojlović, Kosta Peševski and co-writer Ranko Božić, directors: Srđan Spasić and Danilo Bećković. Original music: Saša Lošić, LP Duo, and Anja Đorđević.


HILMIJA’S GUEST HOUSE takes us back to the time of the occupied Sarajevo during the Second World War. The tavern is frequented by everyone: from communist illegal immigrants, the Ustashas, the Chetniks, the Handschar division soldiers, to German soldiers and the commandant of the city Sturmbannführer Shiling. Right in front of each other, they hatch plots which make national issues secondary to personal material interests. The plot gets even more interesting with two miners, partisan illegal immigrants, hidden in the basement of the tavern, who are tasked with digging a tunnel to the German armory.

Cast: Marko Cindrić, Tarik Filipović, Emir Hadžihafizbegović, Bojan Perić, Ilir Tafa, darko Tomović, Milena Vasić, Emir Hadžihafizbe Tarik Filipović

Director: Elmir Jukić


Atomski zdesna revolves around a group selling time-share apartments to people from former Yugoslavia. The most successful agent Mladen is having a secret affair with Sonja, who is married to the head manager Metod. Having found out about his wife’s infidelity, he assigns to Mladen the most difficult client, Omer, a war veteran from Bosnia, and his wife Maja. The situation gets even more complicated when the head manager from the central office, Dietrich Freiser comes for a visit, clearly dissatisfied with the sales results. Having found out that they are about to lose their jobs, the salespeople go after their “victims” in despair. Atomski zdesna is a tragicomedy about the destructive consequences of the “domestic” wild capitalism to the lives of ordinary people.

Cast: Mira Banjac, Zoran Cvijanović, Milutin Karadžić, Bojan Navojec, Hristina Popović, Miloš Samolov, Srđan Todorović, Branko Đurić Đuro

Director: Srđan Dragojević


Franjo (Damir Lončar) is the main character in this story filled with comedic twists, plots, tricks, and unusual events. Franjo is a poverty-stricken nobleman who has to face everyday struggles caused by his cotenants. Each episode contains a separate story which, through humor, reflects social and national absurdities.

Production: Nova TV

Director: Dražen Žarković

Authors: Vlado Bulić, Mirna Miličić, Goran Rukavina

Cast: Mirela Brekalo, Damir Lončar, Bojan Navojec, Ljubomir and Jan Kerekeš


THE COPS is a story about the adventures of a tiny police squad and their Chief Bozena. They operate from the smallest police station in the country in a quaint little town, where mobile signal is scarce and the lifestyle reminiscent of the good old days.

Dizmovo is a crime free town. Life is good for the local police officers with regular income and not much work to do. This proves to be a problem, though, when they receive notification from the headquarters that their police station is about to close down due to inactivity. They all hate the idea of transfer as each has their own individual ties in the community.

And so they come up with a great but rather unorthodox idea: They will create a “crime” which they can “investigate” and show that they are busy. However, with time and involvement of other people in town, their make-believe “crime” becomes too overwhelming for their policing skills and their ingenious plan falls apart in an unpredictable sequence of hilarious and entertaining events.

The series brings together the atmosphere of innocent, simple and romantic old days placed in juxtaposition to the modern feel of the world in which we depend on our cell phones in an unsuspected turn of funny events. One phone call made during a brief window when the signal is good can change things forever, not necessarily for the better.

Even though the plot takes the viewer to a modern day small town, this little town lives happily in the past. Granny Beba has not replaced the calendar on her wall since 1987. It was a good year, she says. It is still a good year!

Screenplay: Nataša Buljan, Mile Božičević, Tomislav Hrpka; based on an idea by Luka Juričić

Chief director: Zoran Margetić

Directors: Tomislav Rukavina, Darko Drinovac, Danijel Kušan, Robert Orhel

Main cast: Ksenija Pajić, Siniša Ružić, Milan Štrljić, Roko Sikavica, Jasna Odorčić, Meliha Fakić, Draško Zidar, Ankica Dobrić, Katarina Madirazza, Mia Mikulec, Enes Vejzović, Barbara Nola


The show revolves around a young recent graduate of economy, Petra, who misses her bus on the way back to her hometown from Zagreb and happens to meet the new border patrol officer who was sent to put a stop on smuggling from Bosnia and Herzegovina into Croatia.

Zorka, the head of the house and the leader of illegal smuggling operations trusts Petra and introduces her to the business in hopes that she will inherit it one day.

The whole village lives off of illegal trade, and Petra becomes the main bachelorette in the small community. Fathers of young men see her as the opportunity for their sons to marry well, because that would ensure a leisurely life and a guaranteed job in the future. The main threat to the illegal business is Mayor Zvonko, who has been unsuccessfully trying to catch the locals red-handed for a long time. A newcomer, police officer Marko, is facing a dilemma: should he uncloak the smugglers or stay silent and win the heart of young Petra.

Production: Nova TV

Directors: Josip Žuvan, Stanislav Tomić, Ivan Miladinov, Danijel Kušan

Authors: Mirna Miličić, Vlado Bulić, Goran Rukavina

Cast: Nina Erak, Nadia Cvitanović, Milan Štrljić, Barbara Vicković, Martina Stjepanović, Lucia Glavich Mandarić, Nermin Omić, Elvira Aljukić, Dino Rogić, Marko Braić, Mladen Vulić, Momčilo Otašević, Petra Kraljev, Žarko Radić, Barbara Nola, Asim Ugljen, Filip Jurčić, Siniša Ružić, Fabijan Pavao Medvešek, Zlatan Zuhrić, Tijana Pečenčić


Lola is a young woman who is desperately trying to find her lost son and run away from a troublesome past and from the problematic father of her child. After 10 years, she finally discovers a reliable clue about her son, but in order to get him back, she must give up everything, even her name. This dangerous plan will be complicated further by destiny and her love for Saša, a seemingly perfect man.

What Lola does not know is that Saša, a successful and generous man who returned from abroad after 10 years to be with his sick mother, is plagued by the stigma of responsibility for a family tragedy. Saša has cut all ties with this family, while Lola has yet to create hers.

Clues and demons from the past lead them to Knežev dol – a small and derelict town, once a countryside estate of the gentry, ruled by the Krpan family – Saša’s powerful and once wealthy family whose bankruptcy, breakdown and corruption are the hot topic in the country, a family that is hiding a crime that someone has to answer for.

Once Lola, torn apart in a love triangle, realizes that her son is connected to Saša’s family and that she is closer to him than ever, the luck that is at her finger tips could become her greatest loss in a second – if people discover who she really is.

Scriptwriter: Dea Matas

Directors: Josip Žuvan, Daniel Kušan, Zoran Margetić and Darko Drinovac

Main cast: Elizabeta Brodić, Slavko Sobin, Momčilo Otašević, Ecija Ojdanić, Vladimir Posavec, Linda Begonja, Vlasta Ramljak, Marko Todorović, Arija Rizvić, Martina Stjepanović, Katarina Baban, Barbara Rocco, Stjepan Perić, Olga Pakalović


Story of the series „Pure Love“ follows Tomo (Janko Popović Volarić), a former police inspector and a single father of Maša, coming back to his hometown where he starts working as a garbage collector. Upon his return he meets Sonja (Tara Rosandić), a beautiful kindergarten teacher living in the house at the end of Tomo’s daily tour with her fiancé Ranko (Momčilo Otašević). Tomo and Ranko know each other since childhood, when they lived together in orphanage. Despite having similar interests in life, there has always been rivalry between Tomo and Ranko. Unfortunate circumstances got the best out of Tomo, however Ranko grew up to be completely different.

Tomo left his hometown early in life to study at the Police Academy. Ranko ended up in correctional facility for youths instead and became a dangerous local delinquent. Life will bring Tomo and Ranko back together in Tomo’s worst life moments while Ranko is living his best ones as a successful entrepreneur.

Production: Nova TV

Author: Nataša Buljan

Directors: Josip Žuvan, Tanja Golić, David Kapac, Zoran Margetić

Cast: Janko Popović Volarić, Tara Rosandić, Momčilo Otašević, Ksenija Pajić, Dora Arar, Marko Petrić, Nives Celzijus, Mladen Vulić, Sanja Vejnović, Krunoslav Klobučar, Ljubomir Kerekeš, Sementa Rajhard


Documentary series based on true stories „Tragovi“ investigates some of the most serious crimes in Croatia while focusing on the victim. It reveals all the details that preceded some of the cruellest murders that shocked Croatian public.

We follow the cases through emotive testimonies of victims’ families, murderers’ families, friends, key witnesses, police investigators, forensics, judges and public attorneys who reveal which traces led them to murderers.

The series is filmed in authentic locations, with personal recordings and photos. For the first time viewers will be able to see statements of criminals themselves as well as unreleased police records and crime reconstructions.

Production: Nova TV

Editor: Domagoj Mikić


The story of “Golden Palace” revolves around a strong love story between Ana, a peasant girl who looks after horses on a Slavonian estate, and Petar, a young rich man, somewhat feather-headed, irresponsible, and enchanted by his family riches, but deep down just and kind-hearted.

Production: Nova TV

Director: Dražen Žarković

Cast: Katarina Baban, Matko Knešaurek, Milan Štrljić, Ecija Ojdanić, Lana Ujević, Helena Buljan, Jan Kerekeš, Duško Valentić, Danko Ljuština, Petra Dugandžić, Robert Kurbaša, Dijana Vidušin, Mladen Kovačić, Marko Torjanac, Petra Kraljev, Lujo Kunčević, Darko Milas.


Just Keep Talking” is a comedic show which follows the lives of three pairs of different ages and their daily situations which all those who are married or in a relationship find relatable.

Production: Nova TV, Mediaset Espana

Director: Stanislav Tomić

Scenario: Stevo Cvikić, Zrinka Moslavac

Cast: Edina Pršić, Asim Ugljen, Sandra Bagarić, Igor Mešin, Mirela Brekalo, Ratko Glavina


The background to the story of “No Matter What“ is a colourful little village of Oštrovac just outside the boundaries of a national park. Its central characters are a national park ranger Damir (Momčilo Otašević) and Dr Katarina (Mirna Medaković) a medical doctor who comes to live in Oštrovac on account of her grandfather’s estate.

For most of his life, Katarina’s grandfather Đuro (Mate Gulin) had lived alone in this village. In a will he made before his death, he left one million euros to his grandchildren Katarina, Tomislav (Miran Kurspahić) and Krešo (Janko Popović Volarić) on one condition, that for one full year they live in his shabby little cottage in Oštrovac. If they fail, the money would go to the people of the village.

His money could save the village that faces a pitiable future with all the young people leaving because the village has nothing to offer, and initially the villagers will do their best to make Đuro’s grandchildren leave so that they could get the million.

Production: Nova TV

Authors: Vlado Bulić and Mirna Miličić

Directors: Kristijan Milić, Ivan Pavličić, Stanislav Tomić and Robert Orhel

Cast: Mirna Medaković, Momčilo Otašević, Janko Popović Volarić, Milan Štrljić, Miodrag Krivokapić, Žarko Radić, Ivan Herceg, Sanja Vejnović, Ecija Ojdanić, Tijana Pečenčić, Jagoda Kumrić, Asim Ugljen


Two talented girls are on their way to the stars: one of them is fighting for her mother’s life, the other one for her mother’s love – whose passion and talent will win? Stella brings intriguing, entertaining, but also touching moments which win the hearts of viewers of all ages.

Production: Nova TV

Author: Jelena Veljača

Director: Mladen Dizdar, Branko Ivanda

Cast: Sementa Rajhard, Vanda Winter, Ivan Glowatzky, Linda Begonja, Mladen Vulić, Bojana Gregorić Vejzović, Stjepan Perić, Petra Dugandžić, Vedran Komerički


The plot of this story takes place in early 20s, when the city of Dubrovnik was under a several-month long occupation. The story of stolen youth of two young people who are forced grow up and mature faster because of war reminds us how powerful love is.

Production: Nova TV

Chief Director: Branko Ivanda

Authors: Jelena Veljača and Milo Grisogono

Chief Writer: Tomislav Hrpka

Cast: Alen Liverić, barbara Bilić, Jelena Perčin, Boris Ler, Ana Kvrgić, Dragan Despot, Momčilo otašević, Ivana Horvat, Amar Bukvić, Sandra Lončarić, Jolanda Tudor, Jasmin Mekić, Stefan Kapičić


The show which conquered the Balkans, was sold in as many as 19 countries all around the globe, and afterwards turned into a movie hit, keeps breaking viewership records daily.

The show revolves around a tense love story which has to overcome many hurdles between the son of a rich family and a poor girl named Lara. In addition, this is a story about one woman’s choice between two men, the choice between career and family, between loyalty and the fight for survival. The show was shot along the Dalmatian coast, which makes the romantic undertones even more prominent.

Production: Nova TV

Directors: Robert Orhel, Kristijan Milić, Tomislav Rukavina, Mladen Dizdar and Milivoj Puhlovski

Scenario: Tomislav Hrpka, Milijan Ivezić, Iva Ilakovac, Aleksandar Kristek i Ozren Marod.

Cast: Doris Pinčić, Ivan Herceg, Filip Juričić, Jana Milić, Ecija Ojdanić, Frane Perišin, Jagoda Kumrić, Dino Rogić, Stefan Kapičić, Ornela Vištica, Helena Buljan, Marija Kohn, Sanja Vejnović, Edita Karađole, Petra Dugandžić, Baara Nola, Barbara Nola, Mladen Vulić, Tamara Garbajs


A man from the city of Split Pero studied in Zagreb. After he married a girl from Zagreb, he was joined in his new home by his mother, a retired widow, and his brother Ivo, a rocker and a bartender at a popular bar who lives in the opposite apartment. Ivo is about to get married soon, and his older brother will prove to be the biggest helper during the preparations for the wedding. Pero has always been there for his younger brother, but now he is asking him for understanding, given that he is in a difficult financial situation and won’t be able to get him a wedding gift.

Production: Nova TV

Author: Slobodan Šuljagić

Screenwriter:  Vladimir Đurđević

Cast: Duško Modrinić, Marija Kohn, Vedran Mlikota, Nataša Dangubić, Silvio Vovk, Mirela Videk, Linda Begonja


The show which keeps winning the hearts of viewers brings numerous attractive performances and talented competitors who are fighting for the title of the Croatian Supertalent.

Production: Nova TV, Fremantle

Hosts: Rene Bitorajac, Igor Mešin

Judges: Martina Tomčić, Maja Šuput, Davor Bilman, Janko Popović Volarić


This is a family show revolving around a city girl named Lorena who ended up in a village due to unusual, fateful circumstances.

Production: Nova TV

Directors: Robert Orhel, Goran Rukavina, Kristijan Milić

Scenario: Ana Šimičić, Iva Filakovac, Saša Podgorelec

Cast: Katarina Radivojević, Janko Popović Volarić, Marija Borić, Amar Bukvić, Janko Rakoš, Jasna Odorčić, Mira Furlan, Ksenija Pajić, Enes Vejzović, Zrinka Kolak, Iskra Jirsak, Asja Jovanović, Velimir Čokljat, Nikolina Pišek


This comedic show brings together top actors.

The story of “Outskirts City” takes place on the outskirts of Split. The illegal settlement is home to dust, mud, and cracked asphalt. The neighborhood is dominated by colorful, crammed, roofless, and yard-less houses with their armature showing and construction materials and machines permanently “settled” in front of them.

The houses were built with no order or logic. Satellite antennas and Croatian flags stick out from unfinished balconies, because construction is always on-going. The windows face a landfill above which seagulls wheel.

Production: Nova TV

Director: Aldo Tardozzi

Authors: Ognjen Sviličić, Saša Ljubičić

Cast: Ivo Gregurević, Meliha Fakić, Marija Kohn, Mia Begović, Predrag Vušović, Ivana Roščić


In each season two close families get together to embark on exciting holidays in all-inclusive hotels in different picturesque places in Bulgaria. Crazy vacations filled with lots of laughter, a little bit of tears, unexpected turns, real friendship, and abundance of love. In the beginning, each of the characters has their own individual problems, but after a series of fun adventures, they return even closer and more deeply changed than ever.

Production: Nova production Group and Hidalgo Productions

Screenwriters: Zlatina Nestorova, Plamena Velkovski, Sabina Ivanova, Dobromir Baychev

Directors: Boya Harizanova, Todor Nikolov, Alexander Kosev

Main cast: Nencho Balabanov, Lyuben Kanev, Elena Atanasova, Sophie Marinkova, Yoanna Nacheva, Alex Ivanov, Nelly Monedzhikova, Lyubomir Bachvarov, Yavor Borisov, Eleni Dekidis, Petar Kalchev, Silvester Veliyachki, Dimitar Banenkin, Simeon Angelov, Debora Zhecheva, Julian Malinov, Rada Kajryakova.


The crime series tells the story of a fierce family war that breaks out between two brothers – the investigator Boris Donkov and his brother – businessman Dragomir Donkov. From the most loyal and good friends, the two turn her into irreconcilable enemies. One is embarking on the thorny path of revenge, and the other will stop at nothing to reach the truth.

Their devastating battle changes forever both themselves and the lives of their loved ones, and the stakes in the war are priceless – the heart of Lora, the woman they are both in love with.

The reason for the rupture in their relationship lies in the past. A past that they both try, but never manage to forget.

Production: Nova broadcasting Group and Hidalgo Production

Screenwriters: Teodora Markova, Nevena Kertova, Alexander Chobanov, Georgi Ivanov, Plamena Velkovski

Directors: Stanislav Donchev, Nikolay Iliev, Boya Harizanova, Yordan Chichikov, Lyubomir Pechev, Orlin Milchev,

Main cast: Kalin Vratchanski, Vladimir Mihaylov, Yoanna Temelkova, Iskra Donova, Stoio Mirkov, Bashar Rahal, Delyana Hadzhiyankova, Todor Tanchev, Stela Gancheva, Dariya Hadzhiyska, Martin Petkov, Martin Dimitrov, Daniel Angelov, Maria Sotirova, Lora Hristova, Radoslav Vladimirov, Filip Gulyashki, Anton Kolev.


In a small sleepy town with bloody history, nestled in the Rhodope, the Balkans’ most mysterious mountain keeping the legend of Orpheus and the creepy Devil’s Throat cave that took him to the Realm of the Dead, local police officer Philip and profiler Mia from Sofia launch an investigation into a series of mysterious crimes. Their endeavour takes them to an arduous travel into a kingdom of shadows hiding a big story that is set to become very personal. The team will face the strenuous weight of the truth about the killer, whose blood flows inside the veins of one of them…

Production: Nova broadcasting Group and Dream Team Films

Screenwriters: Ivan Spasov, Aleksandar Chobanov, Elena Ermova, Vladislav Tinchev, Evtim Miloshev

Directors: Pavel Vesnakov, Dimitar Dimitrov

Main cast: Vladimir Karamazov, Teodora Duhovnikova, Vasil Banov, Hristo Petkov, Valery Yordanov, Pavela Apostolova, Stoyan Radev, Liliya Indzhova, Dimitar Nikolov.


“Mr. X and the Sea” is a criminal comedy that uses a lot of humor to expose the small and big lies in life. The 12 episodes slowly peel the hypocrisy in human relations and the happiness after you leave your public mask and be who you are. The series has general story arc and yet each episode has its own arc. The main subject of the show – the choice to live with the truth is exposed through comedy means and resonates in each of the characters stories.

Production: Nova Broadcasting Group and Dream Industry

Screenwriters: Teodora Markova, Georgi Ivanov, Nevena Kertova, Ivan Landzhev, Vladislav Tinchev

Directors: Dimitar Kotsev – Shosho, Stanislav Todorov – Rogi

Main cast: Kalin Vrachanski, Aleksandra Sarchadzhieva, Stoyan Radev, Doroteya Toleva, Stanislava Nikolova, Ina Dobreva, Luben Kanev, Plamen Velikov, Hristo Padev, Svetlomir Radev.


Road of Honor traces the dramatic story of a strong woman who is challenged to remain true to herself despite difficult life situations. After the murder of her husband, she will show what a mother is prepared for in the name of her child. For Kera (Silvia Petkova) and her 7-year-old son Martin (Alexander Spirov), the road from Tsarevo to Sofia is the way of survival.

Love and hatred, truth and falsehood, honor and betrayal are a small part of the contrasting emotions intertwined in the complex plot lines of the series. Torn between past and present, two large families will face a devastating clash.

Production: Nova Broadcasting Group and Global Film

Screenwriters: Milena Fuchedzhieva, Elena Ivanova

Directors: Viktor Bozhinov, Dimitar Kocev – Shosho, Alexander Kosev, Zoran Petrovski, Stanislav Todorov – Rogi

Main cast: Ivaylo Zahariev, Silvia Petkova, Galia Aleksandrova, Sophie Marinkova, Veselin Plachkov, Alexander Spirov, Lyubomir Petkashev, Blagovest Blagoev, Mariana Milanova, Gergana Dandanova, Simeon Lyutakov.


The year is 1982. Young gynecologist Dr. Ivan Genadiev gets a present from destiny – after years of unsuccessful attempts, his wife finally gets pregnant. Their joy is short-lived. The baby is born with the Tetralogy of Fallot, a type of heart defect present at birth. Doctors say the newborn won’t live long. Devastated, Genadiev decides to outwit destiny, replacing his sick baby for the healthy child of a woman who died in labour.

Hours after the swap, Genadiev tells the husband of the diseased woman that his wife had died in labour, and the baby had inherent heart disorder. The father’s life turns upside down – until the age of 6, young Alexander is on the brink of survival, suffering frequent hypoxic crises and constantly staying in hospitals. Then real hell unfolds – Alexander undergoes a series of heart surgeries with unclear outcome. The father succumbs to pressure and becomes alcoholic. Alexander’s case is taken up by an innovative cardiac surgeon, who saves his life and becomes his mentor, introducing him to the vast world of medicine. Alexander graduates from the Medical University in Varna and dreams of joining the elite of the profession, starting work at a Sofia-based hospital managed by Prof. Ivan Genadiev, who has meanwhile become a legend in medical circles.

The year is 2015. Based on recommendations from the cardiac surgeon, who had once performed the operation on young Alexander’s ill heart, Prof. Genadiev hires the ambitious young surgeon. Destiny brings together the unknowing father and son to seek redemption for Alexander’s stolen life. While in the hospital, Alexander meets Dr. Kalin Genadiev, not suspecting he was actually the child the professor had once stolen, while he was the actual son of the person that Alexander now calls his father. Kalin is engaged to beautiful anesthesiologist Bilyana Zaharieva, who however falls deeply in love with Alexander. Their secret love comes to light, causing huge repercussions across the hospital. Their love is particularly painful for Kalin’s parents, Prof. Genadiev and Evgenia. However, all this is nothing compared to the revelation about to shake Genadiev, when he finds out that his real son was still alive, and Evgenia’s huge shock upon learning she had been raising someone else’s child and only now, 33 years later, she would meet the child she had actually given birth to…

Production: Nova Broadcasting Group and Dream Team Films

Screenwriters: Hristina Apostolova, Ivan Spasov, Evtim Miloshev, Zdrava Kamenova, Svetoslav Tomov, Angel Nakov, Alexander Spasov, Boryana Petkova, Hristo Rayanov, Elena Ermova, Vasilena Vasileva

Directors : Pavel Vesnakov, Evtim Miloshev, Zornitsa Sofia, Dimitar Dimitrov, Stanisla Donchev – Stambata, Yana Titova, Nikolay Kostov

Cast: Alek Alexiev, Dimo Alexiev, Stoyan Alexiev, Radina Dumanyan, Maria Kavardzhikova, Emil Markov, Ioana Bukovska – Davidova, Ralitsa Paskaleva, Daria Simeonova, Yanina Kasheva, Vasil Banov, Diana Dimitrova, Julian Vergov, Vladimir Penev, Martina Vachkova, Vladimir Karamazov, Milena Zhivkova, Desislava Bakardzhieva, Moniu Monev, Luiza Grigorova, Naum Shopov, Ernestina Shinova, Vasil Binev, Alexander Dimov, Angelina Slavova, Krasimir Dokov, Daniel Rashev, Kiril Boyadzhiev, Dimitar Rachkov – son, Darin Angelov, Yosif Shamli, Alexandra Sarchadzhieva, Evgeni Budinov, Veselin Rankov, Velislav Pavlov, Irina Miteva, Teodora Kuleva, Ana Papadopulu, Neda Spasova, Lyubomira Basheva, Petar Miloshev, Daria Mitusheva, Teodora Duhovnikova, Gergana Stoyanova, Martin Geraskov, Simona Halacheva, Zdrava Kamenova, Devora Wild, Filip Bukov, Yana Titova, Sofia Borisova, Lyubomir Neykov.


In parallel to the past and present, the series trace the story of a young firefighter who, despite the challenges he has to overcome on his way, does not give up his professional choice to protect the public. When he realizes the truth about his father’s tainted name, he decides to do the impossible to defame him. Amidst fires, intrigues, death and violence, a beautiful love will blossom and will be defended with the price of everything.

Production: Nova Broadcasting Group and Dream Team Films

Screenwriters: Elena Ivanova, Milena Fuchedzhieva

Directors: Zoran Petrovski, Dimitar Gochev, Asen Blatechky

Main cast: Alexander Sano, Asen Blatechky, Radina Borshosh, Hristo Mutafchiev, Dimo Alexiev, Stefka Yanorova, Nevena Bozukova, Raya Peeva, Vanya Dzhaferovich, Martin Smochevski, Stefan Ivanov, Lyubomira Basheva, Deyan Donkov, Stoyan Tzvetkov, Albena Koleva, Stefan Dobrev, Shirin Karnobatlu, Niki Stanchev, Krastio Krastev, Ivaylo Zahariev.


Kamen Petkov (50) runs Missing Persons division at the National Police Directorate. In the past he was struck by a great personal loss and family tragedy. 11 years ago, he was married to Ralica Petkova (40), also a police inspector, currently working at another police branch. The family loses a daughter in unclear incident and none of them suspects that behind the death of their child stands a powerful crime syndicate operating on the Balkans. The heavy loss leads to the disintegration of the family. In nowadays both parents are trying to forget and to run away from the tragic memory buried in the past, up to a moment when a violent murder of a Croatian girl in the city park becomes an active investigation involving Kamen. At the same time Ralica witness strange symptoms associated with poisoning leading to the death of shady Bulgarian businessman. Both investigations intertwine and lead to discoveries revealing not only the personality of the murderer of Kamen and Ralica’s child, but also uncover the secretive crime organization “Salamander”, which have spread its dark wings all over Europe.

Production: Nova Broadcasting Group and Albion Films

Screenwriters: Alexander Chobanov, Vladislav Tinchev

Directors: Dimitar Dimitrov, Viktor Bozhinov

Main cast: Julian Vergov, Ana Papadopulu, Iva Mihalic, Hristo Petkov, Elena Telbis, Plamen Dimov, Ivan Barnev, Kire Giorevski, Robert Yanakiev, Petar Antonov, Koina Ruseva, Vesela Babinova;

Creator(s): Alexander Chobanov, Radoslav Yordanov

Music: Maxim Eshkenazy