Vijesti TV

Vijesti TV is a Montenegrin commercial television that started operating in 2008 and has been available at the national level since 2010. Since the founding of Vijesti TV, it has been at the top of viewer ratings in Montenegro, and since December 2018, it has been the most watched television in the country.

By initiating socially important topics and accurate, timely and professional reporting in the public interest, Vijesti TV has been recognized very quickly as the most credible television in Montenegro. Years ago, various researches testified to that, showing that our informative program is the most watched in Montenegro, and the central informative show “News at half past 6” is the most watched tv format. In addition to daily news, Vijesti TV broadcasts the most popular author’s shows “Clearly with Petar Komnenić” and “Spotlight”, and viewers can watch the most watched morning program “Colors of the Morning” every working day. In addition to our own production, our viewers have access to the highest quality serial and film programs of various genres on a daily basis.