Three miles

Basic information

Production: Green Pixel Productions

Genre: Drama

Episodes: 163

Episode duration: 43-46 min

Year: 2021-2022, 2022-2023

Production Department: Ιοanna Koutsougera, Diamantis Xorafas, Giorgos Stalias

Directors: Κostas Kimoulis, Vasilis Ntouros, Panagiotis Koutras, Simos Korexenidis, Vaggelis Kalatzis, Alexandros Sipsidis

Script writers: Aggelos Xasapoglou, Vivi Nikolopoulou, Apollonia Tsanta, Dimitris Evlampidis, Asimakis Alexiou, Theoni Skaleri, Anna Vasileiou, Giorgos Kastelis, Eleni Tipou, Tania Xarokopou, Ioanna Fotopoulou

Main cast: Εvgenia Panagopoulou, Nikolas Makris, Giannis Poimenidis, Xaris Sozos, Stella Kazazi, Tony Dimitriou, Evangelia Moumouri, Dimitris Liakopoulos, Xaris Grigoropoulos, Stella Kosmopoulou, Stefania Xampilomati, Michail Aggelos Kritikos, Giannis Roussos, Anthi Savvaki, Maria Damasioti, Xaris Xiotis, Giolanta Mpalaoura, Konstantina Tzortzi, Katerina Nikolopoulou, Prodromos Tousounidis


A woman finds inner strength to start a new beginning, leaving a traumatic past behind. A powerful man returns to his birthplace, a beautiful Aegean island, that holds many secrets. Two brothers divided by deception and lies. A loyal wife determined to do anything in order to keep her family united.

The beautiful island of Drakonisos, is ideal for the numerous visitors and lovers with its pearl-blue waters and its peaceful inhabitants.
Behind the shiny surface though, a volcano of secrets and ugly truths are ready to erupt. Can a dark past lead to a bright future?

A young doctor tries to start her life from the beginning, as the head doctor of the island’s brand new medical clinic. On the run from a secret that threatens to tear her life apart, she will find love, new friends and a challenging new job. Soon enough, though, she will come to realize that the true danger lies in front of her, changing her life in a way she can’t even imagine. She, alongside the heroes of the series, will find themselves looking towards the horizon, as far as the eye can see: three miles…

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