Walk of Fame

Basic information

Production: Nova Broadcasting Group & New Generation Films
Genre: Family Drama
Episodes: 39
Duration: 45 min
Year: 2023
Director: Viktor Chouchkov
Producer: Svetlin Neinski
Main screenwriter: Borislav Zahariev
Main cast: Radina Kardzhilova, Borislav Chouchkov, Viktor Chouchkov, Mak Marinov, Deyan Donkov, Irini Zhambonas, Margita Gosheva, Svezhen Mladenov, Tsvetan Alexiev, Radina Borshosh, Maria Sotirova, Stefani Ivaylo, Konstantin Elenkov, Yordan Rusin, Yassen Atanasov.


„Walk of Fame” takes viewers into the heated kitchens of several restaurants that will boil with tension, emotions and exciting moments. They become the scenary of a powerful love story of two ambitious young chefs who fight to fulfill their most cherished dream to become the best chefs not only locally but also on international level. Impossible love and possible compromises, ambition, generation gap, competition, secrets of the underworld, friendship and betrayal cross the paths of all characters in the series. Centered around a dramatic love this brilliantly told story reveals a complex world of sudden twists that intervene with the positive vibes of real life. The producer of “Walk of Fame” is Svetlin Neinsky (“RIVER AT MY HEART”), it is directed by Viktor Chouchkov and the story is written by Borislav Zahariev and his team of young and promising screenwriters.

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