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Alexander Varov will lead newly formed DART team

5th January, 2024

Aleksandar Varov, CEO of the Bulgarian company Net Info, will lead newly formed Digital Advertising and Revenue Team (DART) at United Media.

DART has been established with the primary goal of expanding our business through innovative sales strategies. This decision aligns with our overarching objectives of increasing market presence, fostering stronger connections with clients, and capitalizing on the numerous opportunities presented by the digital world.

Our emphasis will span 40 important internet sites, part of United Media, reinforcing our position as a market leader in the digital space.

As the CEO of NETinfo Group, Bulgaria’s largest digital media firm, Alexander Varov brings a wealth of experience to the role. He boasts over two decades of expertise in constructing digital products and navigating the landscape of digital marketing.

Aleksandra Subotić, CEO of United Media, said: “We are happy to have such a well-respected professional as Alexander Varov leading our digital sales team. He has the knowledge as well as the tools to help make sure that our business remains successful for years to come”.

Varov expressed his excitement about stepping into this new role and leading the newly formed multinational team at United Media. “We will develop and implement innovative sales strategies, guaranteeing flawless coordination across different markets. Our approach will always be driven by quantifiable outcomes, and we are committed to relying on numerical metrics for assessment and decision-making.”

Before assuming the role of CEO at Net Info, Varov played a pivotal role in media management within the company, overseeing the enhancement and expansion of the company’s portfolio. NETinfo Group is a pioneering digital media corporation delivering a wide range of advertising goods, with a reach of over 86% of the internet population in 2023.