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‘Awake’ and ‘Time of Evil’ nominated for the Heart of Sarajevo award

10th June, 2022

Two series produced by United Media – Awake (Kljun) and Time of Evil (Vreme zla), are competing for the Heart of Sarajevo award at the Sarajevo Film Festival this year.

An expert jury of more than 400 film professionals from the region selected 17 series from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Kosovo and Slovenia for the competition this year.

In addition to the nominations for best drama series, the series ‘Awake’ was nominated for Best screenplay for the episode written by Matija Dragojevic and Ljubica Lukovic, Jelena Gavrilovic and Uros Tomic were nominated for Best director, Ivana Vukovic was nominated for Best leading actress, Ljiljana Blagojevic and Vahid Dzankovic were nominated for Best supporting actress and Best supporting actor, while Stevan Vukic is nominated for the Rising Star category.

Goran Susljik’s historical drama ‘Time of Evil’ has almost the same number of nominations. Nada Sargin was nominated for the Best leading actress for the role of Milena in the series, Isidora Simijonovic for the Best supporting actress and Pavle Mensur was also nominated for Rising Star.

In addition to Awake and Time of Evil, the series competing for the Heart of Sarajevo at the 28th Sarajevo Film Festival are “Advokado”, “Besa 2”, “Block 27”, “Black Wedding”, “Strange Kind of Loves”, “Dolina roz”, “Lenin’s Park”, “Crazy, Confused, Normal”, “Underneath 2”, “Mrkomir I”, “Bad Blood”, “The Last Socialist Artefact”, “United Brothers”, “Killers of My Father 5” and “The Silence”.

The Sarajevo Film Festival established the awards for TV series last year, with the aim of promoting and recognizing the highest quality regional television series shown in the past year and encouraging their international placement.

The award ceremony will take place at the 28th Sarajevo Film Festival between August 12th to August 19th this year.