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‘Awake’ series presented at Canneseries festival

11th October, 2021

The audience of the prestigious Canneseries festival had an opportunity to see two episodes of ‘Awake’, the first series from the region that made it to the official festival’s selection, in Cannes on Sunday.

A part of the crew, including director Jelena Gavrilovic and screenwriters Ljubica Lukovic and Matija Dragojevic as well as the United Media production company’s representatives, walked the pink carpet of the Cannes International Series Festival.

Due to the pandemic and restrictions that are currently in effect in France, the rest of the team was unable to attend the festival.

The audience greeted the team with the loud applause and they returned it with a bow to the Palace of Festivals that was filled to capacity.

‘Awake’ is among ten series that will be presented during this year’s festival. Actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is the jury president and the event will close down on October 13 with the award ceremony.

The series ‘Christian’ (Italy), ‘Countryman’ (Norway), ‘Dreams of Alice’ (Russia), ‘Limbo…until it’s over’ (Argentina), ‘Mister 8’ (Finland), ‘Sad City Girls’ (Israel), ‘The Aleggation’ (Germany), ‘Totems’ (France) and ‘Unknows’ (Israel) will also compete for the best series award in the official selection.

The plot revolves around a young, ambitious detective Sonja Kljun, who is tasked to go to Subotica and investigate an alleged murder, not expecting that her arrival will trigger a series of events that will unveil deeply hidden secrets linked to a mysterious organisations as well as to Sonja’s past.

Her stay in Subotica will turn her life upside down, especially when she and her ten-year-old daughter start seeing frightening dreams that occasionally come true. By accepting this unusual gift, Sonja discovers a dangerous conspiracy behind the alleged murder but also a deeply buried secret from her past.

The series was written by Matija Dragojevic and Ljubica Lukovic, directed by Jelena Gavrilovic and Uros Tomic. The cast includes: Ivana Vukovic, Stefan Vukic, Ljiljana Blagojevic, Micko Ljubicic, Filip Djuric, Natasa Tapuskovic, Mirko Vlahovic, Ivana V. Jovanovic, Ljubisa Milisic, and Drena Mrsic. The creative producer and collaborator on the script is Srdjan Dragojevic, Dusan Grubin is the director of photography, the composer is Vladimir Pejkovic, and the editing is signed by Nemanja Ceranic.

‘Delirium films’ company is the executive producer.

Watch the trailer on this link.