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Awards for Nenad Jezdić and Ljubomir Bulajić at the festival in Niš

30th August, 2021

The most important award of the Film Encounters Festival in Niš, the Grand Prix “Naisa” for the best acting achievement at the festival, was given to Nenad Jezdić for his role in the film “Weekend with Dad”, directed by Miroslav Momčilović and produced by the United Media.

While receiving the award, Jezdic said that he was “happy, proud but not arrogant”.

“My joy and my happiness would be an act of selfishness and egoism tonight if I did not remember all the people who made the film “Weekend with Dad” with special gratitude”, said Jezdić.

He especially thanked the writer, screenwriter and director Miodrag Momčilović and his partner in the film, the actor Branko Vidaković.

Ljubomir Bulajić, the best actor of the Film Encounters Festival, according to the choice of audience

As the organizers of the Film Encounters Festival announced, Ljubomir Bulajić took the title of the actor of the Festival for the role of King Aleksandar Karađorđević in the film Alexander of Yugoslavia according to audience ratings.

“I am proud of this recognition, a large number of people voted, and I am especially happy that it is happening in Niš. This city and the festival of acting achievements have been in my heart since I was a child. This day has started very nicely for me”, said Ljubomir Bulajić.

The series and film “Alexander of Yugoslavia” were produced by the United Media. The series was shown on NOVA S television and the film premiered at the festival in Niš.