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Bijelo Jaje – a new classified ads website on the Croatian market

24th April, 2024

A new online portal for purchase and sale – Bijelo Jaje – has been launched. From now on, legal and individual users have the opportunity to publish their ads on the new classified ads website.

Bijelo Jaje offers a solution for all purchase and sale problems, responds to all the needs of the modern market, and will enable legal entities and individuals to market products as quickly and simply as possible, while continuously following their requirements and needs.

Bijelo Jaje is the website that already has more than 100,00 active ads in the initial phase, and about two thousand are implemented daily. This online portal is free for legal entities until the end of September, and for individuals until the end of the year.

The structure of the portal is absolutely adapted to the end user, and the ads are divided into five main categories: real estate, automotive, marketplace, nautical and tourism. By selecting one of the categories, subcategories will open for the visitors on the left, within which they can choose the type, location, price of the product, etc. Products can be filtered according to predefined attributes in order to shorten the time of finding the desired product for the visitor as much as possible. Users also have the option of placing ads in highlighted positions on the front page of all ads.

One of the special features of the advertising portal Bijelo Jaje is the possibility of leaving reviews under ads. User reviews can certainly influence the final purchase decision when in doubt between two similar products. Only registered users who have been verified by the portal’s customer service will be able to leave reviews on the portal.

Bijelo Jaje also offers users the possibility of contacting the seller via the chat form from the ad itself. Besides the classic possibility of contacting by phone or e-mail, the visitor can ask a specific question related to the product in the chat, where the seller receives a notification about the inquiry in his/her interface and provides an answer. If the seller has his/her own website, it will also be listed in the contact form of the ad. With this approach, both the visitor and the seller will easily find the necessary information in order to optimize the time of purchase or sale as much as possible.

Bijelo Jaje also offers the possibility of adding ads to favorites, which will be visible to all registered users in their user interface. This possibility facilitates the product selection process as it optimizes the search time and the entire purchase process.

The new portal monitors the user experience and invites all users to come forward with suggestions for improving the platform, and an advanced version will be announced in the fall.

The Croatian advertising market is now richer for a unique classified ads portal – Bijelo Jaje, which invites everyone from today: take a look at the ads!