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Binge watching enabled for Black Sun (Senke nad Balkanom) series

8th November, 2019

In addition to its dynamic and mysterious plot, as well as top production, the sequel to “Black Sun” (original title: Senke nad Balkanom), the most watched national series, brings a complete novelty in the placement of national series. All viewers, both in Serbia and abroad, have the opportunity to watch all 10 episodes of the second season of Black Sun (Senke nad Balkanom) at once.

After only ten days, more than 20,000 households have activated this service on EON and NetTv Plus platform.

United Media and SBB have opted for this pioneering venture with the new season of Black Sun (Senke nad Balkanom), as this series has already taken a step forward and set new, higher standards in national cinematography.

After the huge success of the first season, the sequel shows the main characters – Tane and Stanko, following the bloody trail of a deranged killer to reveal a horrific conspiracy that may push the whole Europe into chaos. These gruesome murders are triggered by a series of exciting and mysterious events with local power figures, the state elite, secret associations and foreign intelligence services clashed. Alliances are being made and broken, love is born and then gone, friends are committing treason, while enemies are changing sides, as everyone is fighting for their own dominance.

“We tried to work and create the second season, unburdened by the success of the first one and by certain expectations, as much as possible. Also, we tried to keep the style and recognizable aesthetics of Black Sun (Senke nad Balkanom). For my part, I will only say that Black Sun (Senke nad Balkanom) is a very important work to me and that I have done my best to make something I can stand behind, both personally and professionally. Black Sun (Senke nad Balkanom) 2 is my personal and creative maximum at the moment,” said Dragan Bjelogrlić, the author.

For those who prefer to wait for new details week after week, the second season will air exclusively on TV Nova S, every Monday beginning November 11.