CINEMANIA in HD resolution as of January 15

14. January 2020

The experience of watching movies and series on the oldest domestic movie channel – Cinemania will be incomparably better as of January 15 as this channel starts broadcasting programs in HD resolution.
This is the next logical step in the channel development as HD resolution brings an enhanced viewing experience with superior picture and sound quality.
Cinemania broadcasts Hollywood blockbusters, cult films, works by the best world directors, children’s movies as well as some popular series, all of which the viewers will be able to watch in HD resolution from mid-month.
Some of the globally renowned titles that viewers will have the opportunity to watch in HD resolution by the end of the month are Ocean’s Trilogy – Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Superman Returns, and Sex and the City (film).
In addition to feature-length films, the program schedule also includes various interesting short formats – the shows on film, the lists of top most-viewed broadcasts, behind the scenes of Hollywood films as well as the trailers of cinema hits.
In recent years, Cinemania has profiled itself as one of the most viewed film channels in the entire Balkans, with top film and TV series programs broadcast daily in as many as 10 prime times.

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