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Croatian lifestyle website celebrates its 15th birthday

31st May, 2023, a unique women’s lifestyle portal from the portfolio of Nova TV from Croatia, has been inspiring numerous readers with its content for 15 years, bringing positive changes into the lives of women with the aim of making them happy and providing them with advice.

With a spectacular celebration on the occasion of the 15th birthday, the team of the most read lifestyle portal for women in Croatia, led by editor Tihana Korać, cheered up, relaxed and entertained numerous guests, associates, partners and friends who’ve been following and supporting the portal through the years.

“Since the first day, our goal has been to provide quality information, useful advice and inspiring stories, in order to support our readers in all life situations. We brought content that helped women be more satisfied and fulfilled in their lives. We are particularly proud that, both with the content and with various projects such as the Zadovoljna Academy, we have become initiators of changes in the lives of many women throughout Croatia”, Tihana pointed out.

“At this special gathering, which, we are sure, will turn into one of the most beautiful memories in the work of the popular lifestyle portal, many satisfied smiles could be seen, and the popular singer and member of the “Dancing with the stars” jury Franka Batelić took care of the pleasant musical atmosphere.

Numerous stars attended the birthday party of the portal at Rooftop Lateral in Zagreb, such as the faces of Nova TV Marija Miholjek, Valentina Baus, Anita Kajtazi Roth and Mia Kovačić. Fashion designers Matija Vuica, Kristina Burja and Ogi Antunac, presenter Ida Prester, members of the “Dancing with the stars” jury Marko Ciboci and Larisa Lipovac Navojec, actresses Mirna Mihelčić, Petra Kraljev, Tara Thaller, Kristina Krepela, as well as numerous partners who have been happy to cooperate with the portal Zadovoljna.he for 15 years. is a portal that emphasizes strengthening the set of values ​​based on tolerance, solidarity, education and empowerment of women. is a caring friend who is gentle, experienced and always ready to help.

On the occasion of its 15th birthday, the team of the portal connected with the children’s home in Zagreb (subsidiaries Ivan Goran Kovačić and Antun Gustav Matoš), and together with partners, on this occasion, cheered up the teenagers, the wards of the home, with numerous gifts that were found on their wish lists.




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