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Danas celebrates its 24th birthday

9th June, 2021

The first issue of Danas was published on June 9th, 1997. Today, 24 years and 8652 days and issues later, Danas has appeared on newsstands in a new guise and is celebrating its birthday with the launch of a new website.

In the first issue of 1997, the editorial office wrote in a leading article: “They tell us that it is not a good time to start new newspapers. People have no money, summer is on the doorstep, and newspaper kiosks have long been overloaded. They are right. We are told that it is difficult, almost impossible, to survive if there is no government, opposition, Brussels, Washington, police or traders in white slaves and grain, or businessmen with political ambitions behind newspapers. They are right again.”

In 2021, Danas continues to come out today with the same mission, trying to respect all professional standards, and engages in serious and critical journalism as outlined from the first issue.

In the last year, the work of the editorial office has continued to be the target of criticism from the highest state officials, and as one of the pressures on the media, numerous lawsuits have been filed against the content of our newspaper.

Despite this, the newspaper Danas has continued with the tendency of increasing the number of paid circulation and website traffic. In the last year, the portal Danas has been ranked among the 15 most visited websites in Serbia, according to the data of the Gemius measuring agency.

In the last year, the editorial board of Danas has received the award for ethics and courage “Dušan Bogavac”, which is awarded by the Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia and “Dušan Bogavac” Foundation. The portal Danas has received recognition from PC Press magazine for one of the five best information portals, and in the regional poll organized by Media Daily, it has won the seventh place.

Today, on the occasion of 24 years of existence, the newspaper Danas has appeared on newsstands in a new guise, and we have also improved the look of the portal

The Daily also presented its two journalism awards – the Stasa Marinkovic award to Newsmax Adria anchor Jelena Obucina and the Dan Graf Nikola Burzan award for best Danas daily journalist to its political correspondent Marija Stojanovic.

The Stanislav Stasa Marinkovic award went to Obucina for her original approach as an anchor and editor of the Newsmax Adria daily evening news show on the Nova S TV. “Her approach as author and personal style created, in cooperation with her co-workers, a top of the line half hour news show which moves the standard in local TV journalism. The show she edits and anchors captivates viewers with its relevance and topicality of content and leisurely wittiness which colors it,” the jury said, adding that her trademark intros demonstrate the top level of TV dialogue. “Her interviews are excellent examples of professionalism based on knowledge and investigative enthusiasm in finding the truth and defending the public interest,” it added.

The annual Dan Graf (Danas publisher) Nikola Burzan award for best Danas daily journalist went to political correspondent Marija Stojanovic who the jury feels offers readers excellent content and new information about topical social and political issues. “Thanks to her sources in diplomatic circles, she brought exclusive and relevant facts on the position of Serbia and local politicians in global and European circles to the newspaper political section. Her investigative and journalistic curiosity made a winning combination for topics which drew public interest and sent waves through the political scene,” the jury said.

Danas has been operating within United Media since March this year, and City Magazine, a free-of-charge monthly magazine, is also published in the portfolio of the newspaper publisher Dan Graf.