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Dimitrije Jovićević Takes Over the Nova M TV News Program

6th September, 2021

Nova M, a proud member of United Media, announced today that the long-time editor of TVCG, TV IN, BK Television, Radio Free Europe, Antena M, Dimitrije Jovićević, will take care of the news program of Nova M. television.

“In order to further improve the quality of our program, we decided that, as of September 1, Jovićević, a proven professional, will join our channel’s team. In addition to him, we are glad to announce that Nova M will be reinforced by the favorite TV personality of the Montenegrin audience, Jelena Ćorluk “, they announced.

Every day from 6 pm in “Centralni dnevnik”, the first in the country, you will soon see new faces.

Nova M’s news program is the most current, the fastest, the most credible, they said.

In “Centralni dnevnik”, find out what the citizens have to say, what your problems are, how they can be helped, news from the crime chronicles, current political and economical events in the region, but also on the world stage.

“News” at 11, 13 and 15h – we inform you about the most important events in the country and the world. Your dose of the latest information, during every day, only on Nova M.

This fall, Nova M will also present a great program scheme “, it is stated in the announcement.

Excellent sports program, matches of the Montenegrin national football team, the best Turkish series, the first of which is the “Ambassador’s Daughter”, filmed in Montenegro, then the drama produced by United Media Group, “Alexander of Yugoslavia”, based on the novel by Vuk Drasković. We will also broadcast the hilarious formats “The Nut, The Confused, The Regular”, “Don’t Touch My Mom” and many others. Zoran Kesić, Ivan Ivanović, Vesna Dedić are also on Nova M.

“The new program scheme of our television will be enriched with new content, but also with refreshed, redesigned and reordered existing informative shows. “Centralni dnevnik” will be in a new guise come fall.

United Media Group, a network of the most popular TV channels in Southeast Europe, continues to strengthen its leading position in the territory of Montenegro, where Nova M has been recognized for the third year as a television with the highest quality program content by far.

“Strengthened in terms of programs and staff, we will continue to entertain and inform the majority of viewers,” the TV network said.