Dnevnik.hr app was named the number one in Rovinj

05. April 2022

The mobile app of the most read Croatian portal DNEVNIK.hr was named the number one at the Days of Communication held in Rovinj. The MIXX 2022 award was given to the Nova TV portal in the Tools/Platforms category.

The new app is fast, clear and easy to use. It also brings a simple transition from the front page of DNEVNIK.hr to any of the connected specialized portals: gol.hr, showbuzz.hr, zadovoljna.hr, punkufer.hr, zimo, folder.hr and TV content.

Readers can customize the app, choose white or black interface and font size. Depending on the interest, readers can also choose the topics on which they will receive notifications.

DNEVNIK.hr app is also interactive, because readers can also participate in creating news. They can add a proposal for a topic that journalists will investigate in more detail.

It is visually attractive and is built on the latest front technologies, and takes full advantage of Android and iOS mobile platforms.

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