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17th January, 2020 finished 2019 as the most read portal in Croatia. According to data provided by Gemius, the web site had 1,988,103 actual users in December, surpassing its best result so far by 40,000.

“This is a confirmation of the great work that the entire team is constantly doing. We are particularly pleased that this recognition of readers came in December, when the focus of the public was on the presidential election, and given the leadership position of our multimedia company, we proved to be the most trusted media outlet. All of our editorial offices contributed greatly to this extraordinary result and achieved excellent numbers, which is a confirmation that readers choose Nova TV portals when looking for the additional content beyond informing. Our dedication and responsibility to work has led us to leading position and is a guarantee that we will continue at the same pace in the future so as not to let down the tremendous confidence our readers have given us with this result”, said Nikica Škunca, the director of new media department of Nova TV.

Dina Šiljeg, acting editor-in-chief of the portal, also agrees with him.

“Thank you for your trust – thank you 1,988,103 times! I want to thank the readers for being with us and for the fact that their confidence in us, according to the indicators, is increasing day by day. Number one in December is confirmation that we have created a good team, cooperation with other teams in the media house and we have learned a lot of new things. Now we have a new challenge in front of us because it is necessary to stay at number one and sometimes it is harder to defend the title than to win it.

“However, at this point, it is important that we have achieved the goal, that we have a team of editors and journalists who know how to do the work, who are hardworking, ready to ‘get to work’ when needed and, most importantly, to joke and laugh. The good atmosphere we have at work has greatly contributed to the achievement of good results. I just want to thank everyone who has been supportive, helpful and hardworking in order to accomplish our goal and congratulate all our colleagues on the success we have achieved.”