Dnevnik.hr sets historic record

09. February 2021

The beginning of 2021 is marked by the historic record of DNEVNIK.hr portal, which, as the most read portal in January, had the biggest number of real users – 2,118,966. It is an achievement that no other Croatian portal has accomplished so far!

Such a result proves that, in turbulent times, when an accurate information more than ever affects their lives, citizens choose verified sources and trust those who uncompromisingly stick to high professional standards.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that DNEVNIK.hr has achieved its record exactly in the month dominated by the issues of pandemic and consequences of the earthquake that hit Croatia. A top team of journalists and editors, who understand the needs of readers and the specifics of online channels, in synergy with the country’s leading news program, brought accurate, verified and timely news on a daily basis.

“We are extremely happy and proud of this record achievement, and it is a special honour that it was achieved in January, which was marked by turbulent days after the devastating earthquake in Banovina region.” It proves that, at the time when they needed accurate and timely information, citizens recognised DNEVNIK.hr as a place where they were sure to get them. Every reader is indescribably important to us and we are thankful that they appreciate our quality, objectivity and authenticity, that they believe us and return to us. Such a success of the portal represents a result of the team work of the whole editorial office which we on this occasion thank for its contribution and commitment”, said Lana Ružičić, Acting Editor in Chief of the portal.

Excellent results were achieved also by specialised portals that offer the best sports, entertainment and lifestyle contents with which they can relax.

Thus, lifestyle portal zadovoljna.hr attracted 1,218,680 real users which viewed its pages 19,028,200 times. The most read specialised portal for travel and gastronomy, punkufer.hr, was visited by 878,171 real users in January, and its pages were viewed 4,261,479 times. Total of 881,408 real users of gol.hr viewed the sport news 8,173,836 times, and curiosities from the world of celebrities presented daily by showbuzz.hr attracted 1,242,988 real users, with 37,743,319 page views.

Web-page of Nova TV Group also attracted a great number of visitors. It had 487,239 real users in January and recorded 3,710,239 page views.


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