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Esports Balkan League

Esports Balkan League (EBL) is the official League of Legends competition for the Balkan region. The EBL has been part of Riot’s system of European regional leagues since 2018, each of which sends its best teams to the EMEA Masters – Europe’s largest LoL competition of its kind with a prize pool of €150,000. The EMEA Masters is also a platform where players from all over Europe have a chance to show their potential, and if they perform well, they often get the opportunity to play for some of the LEC teams, such as their predecessors Milica, Limit, Sacre, Twohoyrz, Mersa, etc.

The structure of the competition is simple – twice a year, the eight best teams from our area fight for the title of Balkan champion and, perhaps more importantly, our representatives in Europe during the league part and the playoffs. The first cycle or half-season lasts from January to April, after which the spring edition of the EMEA Masters begins, while the second half-season runs from June to mid-August, and our two best teams continue their campaign at the summer EMEA Masters.

The EBL is the most watched regional esports competition. On average, during just one half-season, the Esports Balkan League is watched live by over 300,000 unique viewers, who consume around 200,000 watched hours, some via YouTube and the Twitch platform, some via TV (Sport Klub Esports, SK3). Over 80% of viewers are between 18 and 34 years old, with an emphasis on younger people, and they are largely from our region (Serbia, Croatia, BiH…).


The most watched

regional esports competition!