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ENEX Editorial Coordinators Meeting hosted by N1 and United Media in Belgrade

6th March, 2020

Two days annual ENEX conference was hosted by N1 Television and United Media company in Belgrade.

ENEX gathers almost 60 TV broadcasters around the world, including CBS, Sky, RTL, as well as crucial channels in the Central and Eastern Europe like POP TV, Bulgarian BTV, Romanian PRO TV. They hold annual meetings to look into the most critical issues in the TV industry.

The ENEX Editorial Coordinators Meeting meeting was opened by the CEO of United Media Aleksandra Subotic.

The two-day conference mostly dealt with media freedom and the rising of populism across the world.

“There are a lot of things threatening free media. Not only in Serbia but also in the US, Hungary, UK and many other countries. The media are used as a culprit and someone that politicians will always blame for the problems they want to avoid,” ENEX’s Managing Director Adrien Wells told the conference.

Mark Evans, the news editor at ENEX, said that “from an editor’s perspective, one thing that is challenging to everyone is a hostile environment created by governments and people who try to undermine democratic processes. N1 is one of the companies which are facing extremely hostile circumstances and challenges from the Government and the wider community.”

The European Union is especially concerned with the hate speech and fake news in Serbia, particularly when they come from the ruling party and key media,” Tanja Fajon, an MEP, and the chairwoman of the European Parliament (EP) Delegation to EU-Serbia Stabilisation and Association Parliamentary Committee, told on conference.

Only Serbia’s official who came to the ENEX conference, was the Ministry of Culture and Information state secretary Aleksandar Gajovic.