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Famous children’s song “Chickens” by IDJKids has reached a phenomenal 200 million views on YouTube

14th May, 2024

The first song and video to appear on the IDJKids YouTube channel of children’s content and music in 2015 – “Chickens”, has now reached an incredible 200 million views, setting an absolute record for the biggest digital publisher IDJDigital. Through a catchy song and colorful animations, “Chickens” have become a favorite among the younger audience, both on YouTube and on television channels, making an indispensable part of children’s entertainment today.

Jovan Kosovac and Mladen Nikolić are responsible for the video animation, while Vitomir Milićević and Marko Trmčić Krsma have contributed to the audio aspect. Marko Radovanović, the executive producer and founder of the IDJKids channel, has realized this project from the very beginning.

This achievement makes “Chickens” the most viewed children’s brand in this region, with over a billion views. Their popularity proves that quality and entertaining content can inspire and delight millions of young viewers around the world. Their adventures, which attract the attention of children in the Balkans and beyond, have been translated into as many as 7 languages: Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Greek, Slovenian and Albanian.

Now, “Chickens” can also be found on the stage, where these famous IDJKids heroes in the form of performances offer families a unique opportunity for an unforgettable family experience.