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Filming of the series “Time of Evil” has started

6th August, 2020

The first shots of the series “Time of Evil”, which is based on the trilogy by Dobrica Cosic, have been filmed on the streets of the Belgrade neighbourhood of Vozdovac.

The series, which is being produced by “United Media”, will have 15 episodes and will be broadcast next year on Nova S TV channel. The creator and executive producer of the series will be Goran Susljik’s production company “Eye to Eye” which made the “Roots” adaptation as well.

Susljik states that this is not a direct sequel to “Roots” because “Time of Death” is in between, which will be worked on later and according to which a special series will be filmed. “Stylistically and ideologically, it differs from ‘Roots’ because it talks about another topic – a family that is now falling apart due to a strange, inspired faith in a better world. On the path of this faith and hope, the family and society are falling apart, and the world is also falling apart because the Second World War is coming.”

According to him, the idea and theme of the novel “Time of Evil” concerns us very much even now and this is one of the reasons why this novel is being screened at this moment. “We are satisfied with the script, we have a great cast, we are motivated and ready to tell one big story,” adds Susljik.

Most of the main plot of “Times of Evil” takes place before the Second World War and after its beginning. In the center of the story will be the Katic, Dragovic and Lukovic families, who are well-known to the readers of Cosic’s novels. The main characters are Ivan, Milena and Vukasin Katic, followed by brothers Bogdan and Vladimir Dragovic, Misko, Nadja and Bora Lukovic, and Petar Bajevic.

The characters from Cosic’s novel will be “revived” by the top cast: Goran Bogdan, Nebojsa Dugalic, Goran Susljik, Nada Sargin, Radovan Vujovic, Zarko Lausevic, Andrej Sepetovski, Sergej Trifunovic, Natasa Ninkovic, Isidora Simjonovic, Boris Isakovic, Voja Brajovic and Svetozar Cvetkovic.

The director is Ivan Zivkovic, who previously worked with Susljik on the “Roots”, the screenwriter is Sanja Savic Milosavljevic, the music author is Irena Decermic and the directors of photography are Marko Milovanovic and Marko Mladenovic.

The filming will last until December and the team is expected to film at locations in Tara, Mokra Gora, in the vicinity of Valjevo, Pirot and Jagodina.