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Huge success of „Kuglolov” at Croatian Nova TV – users collected more than a million balls

13th February, 2024

The last month of 2023 marked the era of “Kuglolov” – Nova TV’s large interactive prize contest that has become an indispensable part of the festive atmosphere of many homes throughout Croatia. “Kuglolov” became a sensation among viewers of Nova TV with impressive numbers – almost 100,000 users participated in the activation, more than a million virtual Christmas balls were collected during the competition and 40 prizes and one grand prize were awarded.

The unique competition “Kuglolov” allowed viewers to participate in a fun search for virtual Christmas balls that were shown on the screen, in the Nova TV program, but also on the portals of the group –,,,,,, te Each of those balls had a QR code, and viewers had the opportunity to scan those balls via the application or download them from the group’s portals. This innovative approach allowed participants to decorate their virtual Christmas tree within the app, deepening their TV viewing experience in a new, inspiring way.

Every week, the 10 most successful users, who collected the largest number of balls in the shortest time, were awarded. Apart from the valuable weekly prizes, the highlight of the competition is the main prize – a car that was deservedly won by the winner who collected a total of 305 of the 320 balls that could be collected during the competition. Read information about all winners on the official page of Kuglolov.

The interactive integration of TV content with the digital platform not only encouraged viewer participation, but also set new standards for interactivity and engagement in the domestic media market. With this competition, Nova TV, the strongest multimedia platform in Croatia, provided a unique experience that connects TV and digital platforms in a way that has not been seen in these areas.