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Igor Božić new N1 TV news director

19th May, 2021

Igor Božić, who has been the executive producer of N1 television in Serbia since its founding, has been appointed today to the position of news director in this media company.

“We are convinced that N1 will become an even more influential media company with the new management and the team of top journalists it already has. The stable foundation we have built in recent years, during which N1 has been recognized by the public as a reliable source of information for citizens, allows us to continue to develop and strengthen our team and implement new, large projects”, states the management of Adria News.

“These changes will not affect the editorial policy of N1. We remain consistent with professional standards and continue to work in the public interest as before. Our program has a whole team of professionals behind, who have been making a credible information program for seven years already, which the public has recognized. All employees in N1 are aware of that responsibility and obligation towards the public”, Igor Božić pointed out.

Božić started his career at Studio B, first on the radio, then on TV.

On BK TV, he continued to prepare reports, TV duels and conduct news editing.

Probably the most famous was his show “Tet a tet” from 1997, in which Vojislav Šešelj and lawyer Nikola Barović first verbally clashed, with latter pouring water on the leader of the Radical Party after a series of insults.

Barović was then beaten, and Šešelj’s bodyguard was convicted for that.

Božić then started to work at B92, where he spent 11 years.

He hosted debate shows and news, and edited the news program.

He was also the editor-in-chief of the first news channel in Serbia, “B92 Info”.

He was a journalist in Blic, on the editor-in-chief position. He even worked on the public service, RTV Vojvodina, as the editor of the news program.

He was born in 1972 in Belgrade. He has been married to journalist Svetlana Božić Krainčanić for 20 years and they have a daughter.

He spends his free time with family and friends, and during summer, he loves to make barbecues. He loves movies and music, especially the indie films from the nineties. He also loves sports, especially skiing.