Journalist award to reporter Ana Lalic

02. April 2021

The Indepenent Society of Journalists of Vojvodina (NDNV) gave its best journalist award to reporter Ana Lalic who was arrested a year ago for reporting on shortages of medical suppplies at the Vojvodina Clinical Center in Novi Sad.

“Ana Lalic is uncompromising in defending the right of the public to be completely informed. She is consistent in revealing facts which centers of power want to keep hidden. She is courageous in facing the pressure and threats she is often exposed to because of her professionalism,” the NDNV said.

Lalic was arrested on April 1, 2020 during the state of emergency just hours after publishing a report on serious shortages of medical supplies at the Vojvodina Clinical Center in Novi Sad. She was held overnight and released following an outcry from both the public and journalist organizations.

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