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Journalists Vuk Cvijic and Jelena Dikovic receive awards on the occasion of Danas’ 27th birthday

11th June, 2024

Journalist of the weekly magazine Radar, Vuk Cvijic, was presented with the Stanislav Stasa Marinkovic Award, given by the editorial office of Danas on the occasion of that daily newspaper’s 27th birthday. The Nikola Burzan Award for 2023/2024 was presented to Jelena Dikovic, the editor of the foreign affairs desk of Danas.

The jury, consisting of Dragana Obradovic, Dragana Marinkovic, Marko Selic Marcelo, Slobodan Georgiev, Ljiljana Bukvic, Aleksandar Roknic and Dragoljub Petrovic, agreed that Vuk Cvijic has demonstrated the highest degree of professionalism and exceptional achievements in the field of investigative and analytical journalism, as well as journalistic courage.

With his articles published in Radar and NIN in the previous year, Vuk Cvijic has revealed numerous facts that the government had tried to hide: the case of the police officer Katarina Petrovic from Valjevo, papers related to the expert examination of the traffic accident in which Nikola Petrovic was one of the participants, the secret surveillance over the inspector Slobodan Senta Milenkovic, the death of a suspect in the police station in Bor…

Cvijic’s journalistic work is easily recognizable and characterized by stories like these, which is why he is often the target of threats. He was physically attacked recently, and this attack has resulted in a great outpouring of solidarity from the public and his colleagues. The jury is of the opinion that Vuk Cvijic, thanks to his professionalism, persistence and, above all, his characteristic modesty, is a great example of good journalistic practice, which is becoming increasingly rare in the Serbian media.

The editor of the foreign affairs desk, Jelena Dikovic, is the winner of the Nikola Burzan Award, which is presented to members of the editorial office of Danas who have achieved outstanding performance in their work during the previous year.

The jury for the Nikola Burzan Award of the daily newspaper Danas, consisting of Milos Obradovic (president of the jury), Safeta Bisevac and Jasmina Lukac (members of the jury), after taking into consideration several nominated colleagues, unanimously decided to give the award to Jelena Dikovic, the editor of the foreign affairs desk.

Jelena Dikovic has written about topics that are still being avoided in Serbia today, including war crimes, victims of the wars in the 1990s, the position of the LGBT population, discrimination and feminism; she has also reported from distant countries and interviewed many people, among them Major Helena, the former Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, families of victims of horrible war crimes, the “Dubioza Collective”, and numerous ambassadors.