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Judging for Emmy Awards and Gala Event in Dubrovnik

16th September, 2022

The Semi-Final Round of Judging in the Telenovela category for the 50th International Emmy® Award was held in Dubrovnik. United Media and Nova TV,  the hosts of this important process, which will determine the nominees for this prestigious award, have gathered together leading global and regional professionals who contributed with their expertise to the selection of the best content in the Telenovela category. Event ended with a red carpet and gala dinner with guests from the region and the world.

Among the jury members were well-known directors, screenwriters, editors, television professionals and other experts from the world of production, television, film and art.

Vyara Ankova, one of the most popular Bulgarian TV professionals with vast experience in Media and Television Arts, member of the Program Team of Nova Broadcasting Group, member of the Board of Directors of Net Info, and one of the members of the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, arrived in Dubrovnik from Bulgaria. The famous Bosnian director, screenwriter and producer, Danis Tanović, winner  of the Academy Award for Best International Feature Film “No Man’s Land” was also a member of the jury of the 50th International Emmy® Awards.

Danica Pajović, writer, film and TV dramaturgy professor at Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, known for the titles “Black Sun”, “Žigosani u reketu”, “Pare ili život” and Ivan Živković, director and screenwriter who wrote numerous episodes of series such as “Legacy”, “Faith and conspiracy”, “Roots”, “Time of Evil”, “Civil Servant” and “Black Sun” also gave their opinions on the project.

The jury included well-known and respected Croatian directors such as Branko Ivanda, Darko Drinovac and Nevio Marasović. Zrinka Jankov, Chief Editor and Deputy Program Director of Nova TV Group, who actively participated in the growth of the first commercial television and strongest multimedia group in Croatia, and Nataša Buljan, TV Executive at Nova TV Croatia, author and screenwriter of the numerous popular series like “Stella”, “Pure Love”, “Dar Mar”, “Best Man”, were also well acquainted with the criteria of quality dramatic content. Among the names in the Jury of the 50th International Emmy® Awards in the Telenovela category were also prominent cinematographer  and  photographer Stanko Herceg, as well as film and television producer, president of the The  Croatian   Society  of   Independent   Producers Danijel Pek, whose film “Murina” won the prestigious Camera d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

The selection process for the 50th International Emmy® Awards is a lengthy procedure with judging panels meeting in various locations around the world. Final nominees for a total of 17 categories will be announced in September, while the winners will be revealed on November 21st at the 50th ceremony of the International Emmy® Awards in New York.

After the official process, a formal reception was held for the guests in Duborvnik, and numerous actors and directors from the region walked the red carpet.