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IDJ Kids

IDJKids’ original content has not only captured the hearts of young audiences but has also become the most popular in the entire region

IDJKids, established in 2015, has grown from a humble YouTube channel into a powerhouse in the regional of children’s entertainment. Starting as a producer of music content for kids, it has achieved remarkable success over the years, becoming a household name for parents and children alike.

One of their most iconic creations, which was initially licensed and is now owned by IDJKids, is Chickens. Chickens has become a beloved brand for kids, synonymous with fun and wholesome entertainment. Embracing the digital realm, IDJKids made YouTube their primary platform and experienced continuous growth. However, their ambitions extended beyond the digital sphere.

In 2021, IDJKids took a giant leap by launching their own linear TV channel, broadcasting in nine countries, including the ex-Yugoslav nations, as well as Albania, Bulgaria, and Greece. They set a precedent by creating the first music TV channel for kids that exclusively features original content produced by IDJKids Production and closely partnered content owners. This commitment to originality and quality content has resonated with both young audiences and their parents.

IDJKids’ vision is clear – to continue their journey of creating captivating content, with Chickens at the forefront, and to maintain their position as the premier content creator for kids, a leading label for children’s music, and a trusted broadcaster on both digital and linear platforms. Their dedication to providing enriching and entertaining experiences for children is at the core of their success and their mission for the future.

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