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Without sensationalistic reporting or bombastic headlines that mislead people

Since its establishment in 2014, the news portal N1 has been delivering news from the country, region, and the world, along with analyses and interesting stories, while adhering to professional and ethical standards and journalistic codes. Over these ten years, our portal has built the trust of readers and the image of a platform where they can obtain verified and accurate information.

Without sensationalistic reporting or bombastic headlines that mislead people, we have managed to position ourselves highly, consistently ranking among the top ten portals in Serbia in terms of readership. Our goal is to improve and become more interesting every month, to bring our readers stories they cannot find on other websites, while remaining true to our principles and professional standards.

The fact that even those who are not regular followers of our content turn to the N1 Belgrade portal in moments of crisis, important events, and so-called “breaking” news speaks volumes—they know they will receive truthful and relevant information from us. We are uncompromising when it comes to this trust because we have built it over ten years and do not want to lose it.

By preserving our distinctive identity, we will continue to report truthfully and promptly, uncovering everything that seeks to be concealed from the public eye. In the sea of disinformation and manipulation, and the dissemination of “half-news,” N1 is where masks fall and the truth is illuminated. We remain faithful to it, as well as to our readers.

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