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Nova BH

Nova viewers can choose from a rich variety of programs including top sports, entertainment, drama, series, and movies.

Nova is a Bosnian-Herzegovinian commercial television with national coverage, which was launched on October 9, 2018. Since than, Nova has managed to provide top programs, and to broadcast an exclusive show for the audience in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The rich program brings the viewers the most popular Bosnian comedies series, best Turkish series, along with news shows covering top events in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the region, and the rest of the world – Vijesti Nove (news) and Dnevnik (main prime time news) at 6.30 PM. Every day at 18:30, Dnevnik brings a detailed and complete overview of the most important daily events in the country and the world. During the past five years, Nova has become the television of first choice in BiH when it comes to entertainment programs, and among the formats that the Nova team is most proud of is certainly the lifestyle magazine Nova IN.

Nova IN magazine has won the hearts of viewers and today is at the top of the most watched lifestyle and showbiz shows in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Along with shows from domestic production, Nova breaks records in terms of viewership and when it comes to other entertainment content such as Grand Stars, Survivor, Super talent, It’s Never Too Late, MasterChef, and enjoys the trust of not only viewers, but also clients of the business community.

Nearly 200,000 viewers follow Nova BH’s prime-time program every day, and the channel is 60 percent more watched than its first competitor.

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