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Nova MNE

One of five national broadcasters in Montengero

Nova is an entertainment and news channel that commenced broadcasting in Montenegro in 2018.

As one of the five national television channels in Montenegro, we pride ourselves on offering our viewers a diverse array of high-quality content. From top-notch music competitions and beloved comedy series to record-breaking Turkish dramas, our programming caters to a wide audience. Additionally, we produce original entertainment shows like cooking programs and quizzes, alongside essential children’s programming.

Our informative lineup includes flagship news programs such as Central News and News at 11, 13, and 15h, as well as the political talk show Iznova.

At Nova, our mission is to champion objectivity, diversity, and creativity in our broadcasts. We strive to serve as a trusted source of relevant information, inspiration, and entertainment for our viewers, thereby enriching the community and culture.

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