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The Voice


The voice is a modern music media with its original format offering its audience a rich selection of contemporary hit music. The selection of music, shows, and campaigns has been scheduled in line with the viewers’ preferences, shaping The Voice’s distinct and easily recognizable music channel on the market.

The media was established in 2006 and since then it grew into one of the most preferred TV music channels among young people in bigger cities in Bulgaria.

Established as a hip hop and RnB oriented media nowadays the media plays primarily pop, dance, rnb and trap music and it not only follows the global music tendencies, but also imposes music trends on the Bulgarian market.

Our top shows are:

  • BG VOICE TOP 10 – the top Bulgarian chart for Bulgarian music on the air respected by a lot of Bulgarian artists. It gathers great interest from the audience, and it’s aired on Friday night – between 8pm and 9pm with a repeat on Sunday. The audience votes for their favourite new music on our website:
  • AIRPLAY CHART TOP30 – the chart which ranks the 30 most played songs of the last week on The Voice radio airwaves. The hits are based on real air broadcasts.

The Voice WISHLIST: a show for song requests that our audience loves. Songs are requested by our website: and aired the following day.

TV’s primary audience

is between

18 and 35 years