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Most-watched television and the one that Montenegrin citizens trust the most

Television Vijesti was founded in 2008, and in a short period of time, it became the most respected tv station in Montenegro. For years, various surveys have shown that TV Vijesti is the most-watched television and the one that Montenegrin citizens trust the most.Viewers trust in the integrity and reliability of the content broadcasted on Vijesti Television. This trust is cultivated through a commitment to accuracy, objectivity, and relevance in reporting news and delivering other programming.

Today, TV Vijesti has nearly 70 employees who, through their dedicated work, prove that it is possible to remain professional and independent despite extremely challenging business conditions and an unregulated media market in Montenegro.

Throughout all these years, our job has not always been easy, but we have persevered and remained united in our mission to contribute to the development and democratization of our society through professional, timely, and independent reporting. As the pioneers of independent journalism in the Balkans, we are especially  proud of being uncompromising in the fight for the values of a democratic society and the rule of law.

Our vision is to be the eyes into a better world through our professional and reliable reporting.

The programming schedule of Vijesti Television comprises a thoughtfully curated selection of diverse content, encompassing both informative and entertaining elements. From morning shows, talk show segments, and quizzes to music programs and top-tier film and series offerings, it caters to a broad spectrum of viewers’ interests and preferences.


#1 ranked

tv channel

in Montenegro

since 2018