Filming of the Cult TV Series “Mile Against Transition” Sequel Begins

02. April 2019

In the production of United Media, the filming of the sequel of the legendary “Mile protiv tranzicije” (“Mile Against Transition”) series began in Belgrade. The viewers will have the opportunity to watch the new series, “Ujka novi horizonti“ (“Uncle New Horizons”), on Nova S.

The author and screenwriter of the popular “Mile protiv tranzicije” series, Srđa Anđelić, is behind this humorous series that will be premiered in the autumn.

“The series will be both funny and maximally serious. The essence is that our society is engaged in reforms, progressing in every possible way, the results are fantastic, only one man and several of his friends do not believe in that. He fights these reforms and progress, in every possible way. Everything is allowed in this fight”, says Srđa Anđelić.

The main role of “uncle” is interpreted by Nikola Đuričko. By the way, the uncle is a casual passer-by who, circumstantially, becomes a star of the fight against the EU. He takes over all the side-effects of the reforms, points to the danger to habits and customs, and transforms himself from a “nobody” into a national tribune.

Advices and threats that the mentality of an ordinary person must be changed are coming from all sides (primarily from the EU). The Uncle takes it personally. He, unintentionally, becomes a YouTube star. Although he is mainly used for mocking, he uses his influence and is increasingly becoming a catalyst for unsatisfied people. The story starts at the moment of celebration due to the opening of several chapters for Serbia’s accession to the EU. But then the Uncle appears.

“The Uncle is a General Technical Education professor who was fired because he wanted to get English out of the school curriculum. He comes to live with his sister Maca (Branka Katić) and her son. The whole adventure begins from there, where he tries to keep  out the transition as much as possible with his followers”, says Nikola Đuričko.

The Uncle’s sister, twin Maca (Mile’s wife), is played by Branka Katić, who is the “voice of reason” in the whole story.

In addition to them, we will again see many episodic characters, and the mini TV crew (cameraman and audio editor), is again part of the series, as in previous seasons, giving everything the feeling of documentary.

As a producer of some of the most-watched series in the region, United Media immediately recognized the quality of the series and supported the project in its entirety.

In addition to the premiere of this series, the second season of „Senke nad Balkanom“ (“Shadows over the Balkans”) as well as the fourth sequel to the hit series „Ubice mog oca“ (“My Father’s Killers”) will exclusively be showed in the autumn on Nova S.

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