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N1 celebrates its ninth anniversary: The trust of the audience obliges us to continue being their voice

30th October, 2023

N1, the international news and current affairs broadcasting platform and exclusive partner of CNN, is celebrating its 9th birthday. The television officially began its operations on October 30, 2014, by broadcasting regional news at 2:00 PM, and on the same day, our website went live as well.

This birthday is marked as the most-watched news cable channel in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia, with research confirming that N1 is the most trusted news source for citizens in all the countries it serves.Aleksandra Subotić, CEO of United Media, expressed her pride in the success of N1 television and portal:

“N1 is celebrating its ninth birthday as a fully established international brand, a promoter of independent journalism, determined to provide citizens with true and reliable news. In any democratic country, free media plays an important role in enlightening viewers and readers and challenging authority. I believe N1 fulfils this duty in the most professional manner in every country, regardless of media freedom levels. We approach our tenth year of business with serious ambitions, even more motivated to attract a larger audience”.Igor Božić, the News Director of N1 Serbia, points out that entering the tenth year of production demonstrates that true journalism, free from pressures, can only exist with the support of an audience that recognizes the efforts and dedication to the profession.

“Over the past nine years, our journalists have consistently reported on all significant events, impartially, devotedly, and fearlessly. This approach has been recognized and appreciated throughout the whole region, and I believe that we have succeeded in creating a brand known as a leader in independent journalism. It is our responsibility to defend this approach and to preserve the trust our audience has placed in us”.Tihomir Ladišić, the News Director of N1 Croatia, adds that after nine years, it is almost impossible to imagine a day without television news and interviews as well as important stories, and engaging content on N1 digital platforms.

“Similarly, it is nearly impossible to envision a media, social, and public space without the values of free, independent, and investigative journalism that N1 has been advocating for all these years. The results we have achieved are a commitment for us to continue being the voice and strength of our viewers and readers.”According to Amir Zukić, News Director of N1 B&H, in difficult times for journalism, N1 is celebrating its ninth birthday as a television and news platform that the Bosnian and Herzegovinian public trusts the most and regularly picks as its source of information, according to research.

“According to the TvBeat measurement method, N1 is not only the most-watched news channel, but in all parameters, it is the most-watched television compared to all others. Moreover, according to DotMetrics, our portal is currently the second most-visited online media in the country. The immense trust of the audience obliges us to be even better in our 10th year of operation. The N1 web team is already preparing content to further enrich the portal’s offerings, and thanks to our status as a national broadcaster in digital terrestrial distribution, N1 television is reaching homes across Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

In addition to production centers in Belgrade, Sarajevo, and Zagreb, N1 opened a news website in Slovenia two years ago. Katja Šeruga, the News Director and Editor of N1 Slovenia, congratulated her colleagues on their 9th birthday: “Journalism without censorship, independent, professional, and fact-based, is more important today than ever, especially in a time when we are bombarded with fast, instant, and fake information. Upholding this standard is anything but simple. You have maintained it for nine years, and for that, sincere congratulations from N1 Slovenia. As the youngest sibling in the N1 family, N1 Slovenia is learning from you. Together, we are growing and evolving further. I am confident that N1 has a bright future ahead”.

Since its establishment in 2014, N1 has consistently been among the most-watched cable channels and most-visited portals in each of the countries it operates in. It has proven to be the most trusted media source in the region and the primary source of information for citizens in all crisis situations, including the COVID-19 pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine.