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N1 launches news website in Slovenia

16th June, 2021

The leading news brand N1 arrived in Slovenia today! The launch of the news website means that Slovenia’s media landscape gained a new professional, independent, and unbiased media outlet – and Slovenian audiences have gained a new relevant and reliable source of information. The news website was launched by United Media, a leading media company in Southeast Europe.

“The media industry is following the development in technology and innovation, so further development of digital platforms is a priority for United Media. N1 is a news platform which has been in business successfully for nearly seven years now. N1 Television is among the most popular channels in countries where it operates, with N1 digital platforms also among best-read websites. We believe that the same kind of success will be achieved in Slovenia as well, in a short period of time,” CEO of United Media, Aleksandra Subotic, said.

The support for the new website also came from CNN, as N1 is its exclusive partner. “N1 has been a CNN affiliate for over 7 years, and we are delighted to continue our partnership as they launch a web portal in Slovenia.”

Credibility, integrity, accuracy, and unbiased approach in reporting will be the fundamental guiding principles of N1 Slovenia website’s newsroom.

The website’s editor-in-chief is Katja Seruga, and the team also includes Suzana Lovec, Miha Oresnik, Meta Roglic, Neda Dosenovic, and Sarah Neubauer. The sports section editor, Martin Pavcnik, is now coming to the Sport Klub website newsroom, which will become

“N1 Slovenia is a news website which will offer readers and viewers breaking news, analyses, interviews, sports content, and news programming. We are pleased that we were joined by journalists from almost all the major media companies, who are now part of a fine-tuned N1 team. Thanks to our exclusive partnership with CNN, the website will also offer CNN’s documentaries,” Seruga said.

She also announced some of the content readers can find on the website today.

“In the run-up to the summer tourist season, we have an exclusive interview with Croatia’s Tourism Minister (Nikolina Brnjac). What sort of (coronavirus) restrictions will be in force in Croatia, where the largest numbers of Slovenians traditionally go for holidays? In other news, we reveal the (Slovenian) state bureaucrat who tops the list in terms of special pandemic work bonuses received, and we explain how it is possible that the total amount paid climbed to more than two prime minister salaries. We also analyze the revolution in vaccination – what’s new with mRNA vaccines, and why is this good news?” Seruga said.

The website will also feature exclusive columns penned by Slovenia’s chief epidemiologist, Mario Fafangel; law professor at Georgetown University in Washington DC, Urska Velikonja; head of the Cardiology Department at the UKC Maribor hospital, writer, and child of Palestine refugees from Syria, Franjo Husam Naji, and the acclaimed journalist and writer, Bostjan Videmsek.

Along with the professional team of journalists who have spent months preparing content for the new website, N1 was also equipped with the latest cutting edge technology for online and video news gathering and production. These include the globally renowned Dalet Galaxy system which will allow fast and simple production, management, and exchange of audio, video, graphics, as well as text.

The newsroom also has the Mosart system for automating production at its Ljubljana studio, which will allow the highest possible programming quality.

The newsroom of N1 Slovenia website will also rely on guidelines set by the editorial board N1 in Luxembourg. The board includes journalists with many years of experience from world’s major televisions,among whom are the former head of BBC World Service, Peter Horrocks, and the managing director of ENEX, Adrian Wells.

Since its foundation, United Media has been seeing continuous growth, its portfolio currently has 55 television channels, 28 websites, five radio stations, and seven print publications. The company employs 2,800 people in total in eight countries.