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N1 Slovenia’s meteoric ascent in its first year of operation

16th June, 2022

The news portal N1 Slovenia, or, was launched on the 16th of June in 2021 and has since then offered a number of exclusive, high-profile and in-depth stories. The content of this fast-growing, online news outlet, is produced by 45 journalists, editors, cameramen, photographers, editors, graphic designers and other staff, who are always where the action is and are committed to professional reporting and creation of the highest quality content. In the second year of its operation, N1 Slovenia intends to strengthen its team with additional journalistic strengths, who – like all other employees – will be offered full-time employment, as N1 Slovenia does not believe in precarious working relationships.

The CEO of United Media, Aleksandra Subotić congratulated the N1 Slovenia team on this occasion, saying: “The N1 Slovenia web portal has achieved a result everyone can envy in just one year. It has gained the attention of the Slovenian public with its credible journalistic work and objective coverage of all important events, such as protests and elections. Let us thank the N1 Slovenia team led by Katja Šeruga for their dedicated work and congratulate them on this great success.” She adds that in addition to expanding its operations, United Media is committed to nurturing independent media and the integrity of its team of excellent journalists.

There are no banned topics or questions for N1 Slovenia. They follow social and political developments from all angles, seeking the opinions of all relevant and reliable sources.

Katja Šeruga, Editor and Director of N1 Slovenia, emphasises on the occasion of the anniversary of the web portal: “After one year of operation, the N1 Slovenia team is only more convinced that the strategy we have adopted is the right one. In a very short period of time, has become one of the most relevant and trusted media in Slovenia, and the numbers confirm it. N1 Slovenia is already among the top ten most read and visited web portals in Slovenia, which is a remarkable achievement for such a short period of time as one year. We are delighted by the positive response of the Slovenian public to the content we offer, which is backed by a team of dedicated, professional, credible and independent journalists. We have laid an excellent foundation and now we move forward. I would like to thank the entire N1 Slovenia team for what they have done and for the great atmosphere they maintain in the newsroom.”

The independence and professionalism of was also confirmed by the preparation of confrontations during the recent pre-election campaign, which featured guest appearances by representatives of all political orientations.

Peter Horrocks, advisor to the N1 International Editorial Board and former Director of the BBC World Service, praised the performance of the Slovenian team, saying, “In its first year of operation as the youngest member of the N1 family, the N1 Slovenia web portal has made a remarkable impression. The innovative, independent and fearless team has already made its mark on the Slovenian media landscape. Congratulations for your first birthday!”

As they celebrate first birthday, N1 Slovenia is not only looking back, but also to the challenges ahead and setting high goals. They know that the future is digital, so they will continue to develop online content and different digital video formats that are accessible to everyone, anywhere, anytime.

The recently launched podcast, hosted by Suzana Lovec, has become very popular with listeners in a short time. Therefore, N1 Slovenia will continue with this format of in-depth content delivery in the future.

N1 is part of United Media, a leading media company with 6 national broadcasters, more than 50 pay TV channels, a successful digital portfolio of 29 online portals, 6 newspapers and magazines, and 5 radio stations operating in 8 countries .

They will also focus on upgrading the user-friendly experience on the website and the N1 info mobile app, which users can download for free on Google Play and Apple Store.