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N1 Television receives national broadcasting license in Bosnia and Herzegovina

2nd March, 2023

N1 Television, which operates within the United Media company, received a national broadcasting license from Bosnia and Herzegovina’s media watchdog.

As part of the digitization of the television broadcasting market, Bosnia’s Communications Regulatory Agency (RAK) conducted a public competition where N1 BiH received a license to broadcast TV programs via a digital terrestrial signal throughout the country.

“The fact that N1 television will be available to all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina is great news, both for us and for them. For years, N1 has proved that it works in the public interest and that it’s a reliable source of accurate and verified information and now that program will finally be visible on the territory of the entire country. Due to its quality, the N1 program has long deserved a national license, just as it is the case in Serbia and Croatia. We have witnessed that professional media is important for the democratization and development of the entire society,” United Media Executive Director Aleksandra Subotic pointed out.

The News director of N1 Television in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Amir Zukic, was proud and happy that this television will reach the homes of all country’s residents through the terrestrial digital broadcasting network. “In the eight and a half years that N1 Television has been present on the media scene, we’ve received countless calls asking when everyone will be able to watch us. That time is finally coming. Freedom, independence, accuracy and timeliness remain N1’s key guiding principles in producing 12 hours of live programming every day. Without censorship and without compromise”, Zukic noted.

“We will continue always to be the first on the scene, reporting live from all locations, asking guests in the studio the most difficult questions, investigating and discovering, so that we can inform our audience in an objective, accurate and timely manner. On behalf of the 100 employees of N1 BiH, I express my gratitude to all of you who continue to faithfully watch us, and we’re looking forward to the fact that thanks to digital broadcasting N1’s audience will increase soon. We are your voice. Thank you for your trust!”, N1’s director Amir Zukic said.

As an information cable channel, N1 has existed since 2014 and has profiled itself in the public eye as a television that citizens trust, as a professional, independent and objective media. This is proven by viewership measurements, according to which N1 is at the very top on all platforms on which it is available. According to a survey conducted in April 2022 by the Ipsos agency, N1 is among the television stations most trusted by the audience in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Shows that have so far attracted a lot of viewers’ attention and treated the most current political, economic and cultural topics professionally, ethically and interestingly are the foundation of N1. In addition to the existing recognizable content, N1 will launch the documentary-investigative series “Under the Surface” in the coming period, in which it will additionally investigate the affairs that grab the BiH public’s attention and which never seem to be able to get closure.

Based on the RAK license, all BiH users with technical access (DVB-T2 signal) will be able to watch the N1 channel in Multiplex D, at position 7.