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N1 – the most watched television in Serbia during the most important events in society

31st May, 2023

In the past month, four large gatherings of “Serbia against violence” were held in Belgrade, and N1 television reported live from each of them.

According to the results of viewership measurement, in those moments N1 had by far the largest number of viewers.

Protests that attracted a lot of public attention were held on May 8, May 12, May 19 and May 27, and on those days in the time slot from 6 to 9 PM, N1 was the television with the largest share. According to TV Beat measurements, N1 was the most watched channel in the SBB network, ahead of the public service and all televisions with a national frequency.

Our reporting from the “Serbia of Hope” gathering, organized by the Serbian Progressive Party, attracted the enviable attention of the audience. With a share of 16.35%, we were the second most watched television.

This fact testifies to N1’s commitment and ability to meet the needs of viewers with continuous reporting at a time when fast and accurate information is essential. Our reporters reported from all locations in the city, spoke with the organizers and participants of the protest, analyzed the situation with the guests in the studio and each time realized a live program lasting up to four hours.

During these key events in society, N1 has proven itself again and again as an irreplaceable source of information and a news platform that the audience trusts the most and to which they turn for the latest news, analysis and commentary.

The events of the past month have reminded us that professional and independent media are a pillar of democracy and vital for social progress. We tried every day to provide objective, professional and balanced reporting, leaving room for all sides of stories and views, and we will continue to do so in the future.