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N1 TV celebrates five years on the air

1st November, 2019

N1 TV celebrated five years on the air in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. Celebration was organized in each country and our guests were celebrities, representatives of the diplomatic corps, media, non-governmdental organizations.

During that time, N1 journalists covered all crucial events with live coverage and with unbiased, objective and accurate reporting.

Celebration in Belgrade:

Many invitees from politics, culture, media, business and representatives of civil society attended the celebration of N1’s birthday at the Marriott Hotel in Belgrade. Chiefs of N1 and United Media promised N1 would continue to work with the same passion and reiterated that our television faced and is facing numerous attacks and obstacles during its work.

“We were lucky to have highly professional and qualified people from the beginning as well as top journalists who immediately made a difference with specific reporting skills, which was recognized by our viewers. So, from the very first year, we positioned ourselves high in terms of viewership in all countries of the region where N1 is broadcast. Our business partners, such as large cable operators across the region, recognized this and included N1 into their platforms. I must say that we are now present in four million households across our region”, United Media General and Executive Director Aleksandra Subotic said.

“When we started five years ago, we dreamed of starting this media adventure and five years after that, things have changed completely. Our ambitions today are much deeper, bigger and much more powerful, we look further into the future and that is a kind of our promise. I believe that we have made two extremely trustworthy media, TV and website, we became the first choice of our viewers for watching news and we made a very important connection with our viewers, they trust us due to our motto, which is well-known to everyone who comes to N1 – it is not important to be the first one, but to be accurate and precise”, the N1 program director Jugoslav Cosic said.

Celebration in Sarajevo

The N1 TV program director Amir Zukic addressed the guests and spoke about the past five years, as well as about the future plans of N1 TV.

“We are celebrating our fifth anniversary, but few people know that we came together half a year before that to rehearse everything we started presenting to people on October 30th, 2014. I have to admit that hardly anyone believed that in the five-year period N1 would become what it is today. Only a year later, we became the most viewed cable TV channel and four years later, the most viewed channel in general. In the beginning, even the ones who created this project had doubts; however, a small miracle happened”, the N1 TV director Amir Zukic said.

Sarajevo Deputy Mayors Milan Trivic and Ivica Saric rewarded N1 with ‘Sarajevo Medallion’ during the last night’s birthday celebration.

Celebration in Zagreb

At the big celebration in Zagreb headquarters, the N1 Croatia director Tihomir Ladisic pointed out to numerous guests that in just five years, N1 became the most viewed cable TV channel in Croatia.

“With a total of 97 employees, we daily produce 12 hours of live programming. Our greatest value is the team we have created, so top editors and journalists work at N1 today,” he said, recalling all the events which N1 has followed, from the political to the migrant crisis through natural disasters to the stories of everyday problems of our citizens.

“I hope we have succeeded in our mission, which is to make the news important again”, Ladisic said, pointing out that N1 viewership is growing day by day.