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N1’s Ivana Dragičević wins Europa Award for TV journalism

9th May, 2024

The foreign affairs editor of N1 Croatia, Ivana Dragicevic, received the European Prize for Television Journalism from the Croatian Journalists’ Association and the Representation of the European Commission in Croatia, with the support of the European Parliament, for her series Voters 2024 on the N1 television channel.

The Europa Award recognises the best journalistic work in the field of monitoring European politics and its impact on the daily lives of citizens.

“This country, which had a Commissioner for Demography, Democracy and the Future of Europe during the term of the last European Commission, will have neither a future nor a demographic revitalisation nor a democratic strength if things continue as they are. I would like to thank the television channel N1 for giving space to topics like this, that should be covered on public television,” said Dragicevic at the presentation of the Europa Award.

She warned that it is unacceptable that in Croatia “journalists are told not to think for themselves, that someone is instructing them”.

“We are fighting for open, liberal, European education, for areas of freedom and openness in culture, for the possibility of publicly funded media, local media, which are the foundation of a new future democracy for this country,” Dragicevic concluded.

In the Voters 2024 series, Ivana Dragicevic spoke with numerous interlocutors about democracy, participation, lowering the voting age to 16, the issue of education, TikTok, the influence of digital on democratic processes, trap and folk music phenomena, youth activism, climate change, radicalisation, the opportunities that young people from urban and neglected areas have in Croatia.

What and who is our future, our youth, our young people? Those who look into the eyes of the traumatic present of digital chaos, misinformation and fear that threaten democracy and what is called Europe? What is Europe and what is democracy for Generation Z are the issues that Dragicevic addresses in Voters 2024.