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N1’s Marina Fratucan awarded for contribution to regional cooperation

21st June, 2021

N1’s journalist Marina Fratucan won the annual ‘Zivorad Kovacevic’ award for contribution to the regional collaboration, the European Movement Serbia said in a statement on Friday.

It added that Fratucan has been promoting good neighbourly relations for decades with the full respect of professional standards.

The European Movement, Centre for Regionalism and Center for Foreign Policy recognise a speech, book, concrete act or attitude of an individual, organisation or group of citizens who have significantly contributed to good neighbourly relations and regional cooperation in the past year.

With the award, those three organisations, dealing with regional cooperation and relations with neighbours, want to encourage greater engagement of individuals, organisations and the entire society in Serbia in reconciliation, mutual understanding and cooperation in the region.

Marina Fratucan is the author and host of the Red Line political talk show on N1 TV.

The show’s topics are linked to the region’s most burning issues, and Fratucan hosts relevant people from the regional countries to discuss them.