New program schedule of NOVA S television

31. August 2021

NOVA S television, which has positioned itself as the leading television brand in Serbia in the past two and a half years, enters the fall with a new program schedule whose focus will be on recognizable author shows and quality domestic and foreign serial programs.

The results of measuring the ratings of the TV Beat platform show that Nova S is the most watched cable channel and that it is among the five most watched televisions in Serbia, including the public broadcasting service and those with a national frequency.

The screening of “The Beak” series from the United Media production will start at the beginning of October. This psychological drama and thriller with elements of the “grounded science fiction” genre is a big novelty in the domestic serial program. The plot of the series follows a young detective Sonja Kljun (Ivana Vuković), who is investigating a series of suspicious suicides in Subotica. It was directed by a well-coordinated director couple Uroš Tomić and Jelena Gavrilović, written by Matija Dragojević and Ljubica Luković. According to the brilliant reactions of the audience to the first two episodes at the festivals in Sarajevo, Subotica and Niš, it can already be guessed that the series will be a hit.

The long-awaited series “Time of Evil” with a great cast: Goran Bogdan, Nada Šargin, Goran Šušljik, Žarko Laušević, Nebojša Dugalić, Radovan Vujović, Nataša Ninković will also start airing in October on Nova. After the huge success of the series “Roots”, a sequel follows based on the works of Dobrica Ćosić about the famous Katić family, which this time we find at the dawn of the Second World War.

When it comes to the sports program, after the broadcast of EURO 2020, viewers are already used to watching the most attractive content on our channel, so we will continue in the same direction this fall as well. During September, October and November, we will support the “Eagles” in the qualifications for the World Cup in Qatar, so watch all the matches on Nova S!

Big surprises in the new season have been prepared by the editorial offices of the morning and afternoon programs “Wake Up” and “Between Us”. In addition to the new visual identity of the shows and the new look of the studio, there are also novelties in the program that viewers will surely enjoy. The morning program returns to the small screens on Wednesday, September 1st. On weekdays, the show will continue to be hosted by Nevena Madžarević from 6 am to 9 am, and on weekends by Danilo Mašojević from 7 am to 10:30 am. The show “Between Us” with Maja Nikolić is on the program as of September 6th at 05:15 pm, and the well-coordinated team promises a much more dynamic show with new entertainment segments.

We continue to choose the impressions of the week as of September 12th, when Olja Bećković will host her first guests in the new season. Next Friday, September 17th, after the summer break, a handful of laughter and a great guest at Ivan Ivanović’s show await us.

The big news this season will be Saturday night on Nova. From September 18th, viewers can expect the already well-known show “24 minutes with Zoran Kesić”, and immediately after this, we continue to laugh with the show “4 and a half men with Ivan Ivanović”.

“This season will be funnier than ever”, according to the promise of the authors and hosts Marko Stepanović and Srđan Jovanović, could be the announcement for the new episodes of “Mental Exercise”, which returns on September 6th at 9 am.

We will talk about health with dr Katarina Bajec as of September 19th, and on the same day, the new season of the show “Up the Balkan Street” begins, through which Vesna Dedić presents public figures to us in a new light.

We will cook and travel with Lepi Brka starting from September 13th, when new episodes of “Household Stories” begin, and on the same day, Milena Vasić will welcome new competitors in “Total Change”.

As of tonight, viewers will have an exclusive opportunity to watch the last season of the popular comedy series “Crazy, Confused, Normal” and follow the adventures of Izet Fazlinović who was played by the maestro Mustafa Nadarević. These episodes are broadcast for the first time in Serbia and are premiered on the program from 09:30 pm. We continue the evening with another comedy by Feđa Isović and follow the great Emir Hadžihafizbegović in the role of Hilmija, whose inn is visited by everyone: communist illegals, Ustashas, Chetniks, German soldiers who conspire against each other. Viewers can enjoy again the ups and downs of famous characters from the Croatian series “Damn the Consequences”, every day from 08:30 pm.

Following world trends but also respecting the wishes of viewers, the new television program management led by program director George Makris and operations director Predrag Pavlović will continue to work on the development of shows from its own production, as well as by investments in quality film and serial programs.

You can watch NOVA S TV in Serbia via SBB, D3 and Total TV, as well as via the EON platform, which is available to everyone, regardless of the Internet provider.







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