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NewsMax Adria – A New Project by the United Media Company

21st June, 2020

United Media, the leading media company in southeastern Europe, is launching the NewsMax Adria news program which will grow into a separate TV channel next autumn with centers in Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia.

Following N1 and Nova, whose news programs have made them successful regional brands, we now have an opportunity to present a project in the Adria region in partnership with the NewsMax US media empire, which was set up by journalist Christopher Ruddy. We believe that the project will win viewers quickly with its offer and quality.

Viewers in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia will be the first to see NewsMax Adria in two shows which will be aired as of mid-June: The Evening News (Dnevnik) which will be aired on NOVA BH in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Review of the Day (Pregled Dan) on NOVA S in Serbia.

Journalist and editor Slobodan Georgiev will be News Max Adria’s News Director in Serbia, heading a team of experienced TV reporters. The Pregled Dana show, as the first in the NewsMax Adria production, will be anchored by well-know TV journalists Jelena Obucina and Goran Dimitrijevic who will give this format a personal note.

Along with the N1 main evening news, the Pregled Dana show will enrich the news show offer on Nova S and will give viewers a review of the main events of the day in the context of social and political development prepared by the NewsMax Adria team.

Journallist and editor Jasmina Demirovic will be News Max Adria’s News Director in Bosnia-Herzegovina, heading a team of experienced TV reporters. The Dnevnik news show will be anchored by well-known TV journalists Armina Cengic, Vlado Maric, Amina Hodzic and Aleksandar Hrsum. The NewsMax Adria Dnevnik will be the central news show on NOVA BH, bringing viewers the news of the day.

Newsmax Media is pleased that it is joining with United Media and Newsmax Adria to offer the people of the Balkans important news and analysis that will make their lives better as we work to make the world a better, safer place,” Christopher Ruddy, CEO of Newsmax Media, said. “United is one of the most respected media companies in Europe, and we feel privileged to join with them in this important endeavour.”

“We are honoured to be chosen by Newsmax, the leading American media outlet, as their exclusive partner in the Balkans.  Newsmax Adria will bring fresh approach to the media scene in the region and will be focused on people, their lives and welfare. We believe that the public will see quality in the future regional brand Newsmax Adria and will give us their trust as the public in the US did when Newsmax TV was named the fastest growing cable channel with a presence in 70 million homes,” United Media CEO Aleksandra Subotic said.

The TV station will start airing recognizable Newsmax TV format shows till the end of the year and will offer the public new hard talk, business and economy shows and documentaries. Viewers will see exclusive coverage of all major events in America as well as interviews and analyses by Newsmax TV staff in the US.

More than 30 TV stations operate within the United Media company, airing news, sports, entertainment and children’s programs and movies, investing in production of all range of content, entertainment and TV series.

United Media firmly believes that quality is the only way to achieve the long-term position of market leader which is why we are continuing to invest in existing and new content.

Newsmax Media Inc, is a broadcaster and digital media company based in New York and Florida. Newsmax TV, its 24/7 cable news channel, is carried in more than 70 million U.S. homes, and reports on major news events from Washington, New York and capitals around the world.