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NOVA and AUB continue joint initiative to provide full scholarship for social entrepreneurs

23rd May, 2024

NOVA from Bulgaria and the American University in Bulgaria (AUB) continue their joint initiative to support social entrepreneurship in the country. For the second consecutive year, they will provide the NOVA EMBA Scholarship, which covers 100% of the tuition fee for the university’s Executive MBA program. It will be awarded after a special competition in which future, or current entrepreneurs defend a project that solves a significant social problem in Bulgaria.

Prospective applicants for the scholarship in the Executive MBA course at AUB may submit their applications from May 24th to September 15th, 2024. The winner will be disclosed in October, coinciding with the formal award ceremony held during a dedicated event.

“The first scholarship is already a fact. It was won by Boyan Nedyalkov for his project on free screening to detect serious diseases in time. We are happy that the scholarship gives recognition and encouragement to future and current entrepreneurs to work on solving an important social problem in Bulgarian society. We believe that our common endeavor has the power to change and inspire. We thank the American University in Bulgaria for the wonderful partnership. NOVA is proud to continue the initiative this year,” said Nova Broadcasting Group Chief Operation Officer Krasimira Vassileva Hadzhiyska.

“I was pleasantly surprised and genuinely impressed with the desire, passion and high level of the faculty during my first semester. This, in turn, combined with the ambition of the colleagues in the group, contributed to a high level of learning. What I have learnt, not only in terms of factual knowledge but also in terms of philosophy of thinking, has contributed significantly to my professional development. I am now seeing a higher-level understanding of concepts that in the past have hindered me professionally. This also contributes to a higher self-confidence when making decisions and communicating with colleagues and partners. I believe that the second semester will further contribute not only to my professional but also to my personal development,” said the first scholarship winner Boyan Nedyalkov, who is already studying in the EMBA program at AUB.

“The ideas presented last year were well articulated and realistic. The jury was really impressed by the quality of the projects and the candidates who defended them. It may sound too ambitious, but our core mission is to rely on people who are willing to bring innovation, boldness, and generosity to solving the complex challenges that society is facing. Given the high level of interest and the quality of the projects submitted last year, we are confident that the initiative will be successful in its second edition,” said AUB’s First Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Dr. J. Daniel Mininger, who was a guest this morning on NOVA’s “Hello, Bulgaria” morning show.

Applicants for the NOVA EMBA Scholarship must meet the general requirements for enrollment in the EMBA program and should apply for the scholarship in addition to the standard application process. Applicants will be evaluated by a panel of judges that will include faculty members from AUB and NOVA representatives.

For this purpose, prospective students must prepare a business plan of 5 000 to 6 000 words that presents their entrepreneurial initiative with a social focus. The project should describe the completion of an existing business or the start of a new business that solves a social problem.

To meet all requirements, the project must contain elements such as social or environmental mission, innovation, sustainability, stakeholder engagement, social impact measurement, financial and operational management, feasibility, and collaborative partnerships. Applicants will be required to provide the business plan in the required level of detail and, in addition, to attach a professional summary and a document demonstrating proficiency in English.

Interested prospective students can apply for the scholarship before being accepted into the program but will only receive it once they complete the application process and are approved for admission.

During the application process, a panel of judges will review all applications and select five finalists. Applicants who reach the final stage will have to present their projects live to the jury members on 5 October.

Projects should be uploaded at:

Questions can be sent to