Nova BH is celebrating its fourth birthday as a convincing leader in the media market

10. October 2022

On October 9, Nova BH celebrated four years of existence, and welcomed this birthday as the undisputed leader in terms of viewership in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Nearly 200,000 viewers follow Nova BH’s prime-time program every day, and the channel is 60 percent more watched than its first competitor.

Over the past four years, Nova BH had numerous successful projects, from domestic series, top sports content, the most watched entertainment shows, specialized projects, to the Nova BH Informative Program, which brought to the BH public a new, better contextual understanding of events in country and the world, as well as a better experience in following the daily news.

“I am proud of every realized project and of the entire Nova BH team, which with its effort, work and knowledge contributes to the achievement of exceptional results and a leadership position on the market. In the coming period, Nova BH will remain consistent with its mission – to be the strongest and most respectable media in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Dželila Čurt, the CEO of Nova BH, pointed out.

Every day at 18:30, Nova BH’s Dnevnik brings a detailed and complete overview of the most important daily events in the country and the world, and behind this lies the all-day preparation and teamwork of a large number of people. Thanks to their professionalism, many years of experience and expertise, Nova BH’s Dnevnik has become the first choice of viewers and has been recognized as an informative program in the service of citizens.

“Every minute of our Informative program in the past four years was in the service of citizens. I am glad that the viewers recognized this and rewarded us with their trust. We will continue to work in their interest, and we will try to be even better. We will not let them down” – said Jasmina Demirović, the director of Nova BH Informative Program.

Aleksandar Hršum considers being part of the Nova BH Informative Program team as a privilege that needs to be justified, and he does not hide the satisfaction of belonging to a winning team. “Happy birthday! With Nova BH, I celebrated the thirtieth year of my professional involvement in television. I am happy and proud of the environment in which I work and which, after so many years, in this job, gives me new lessons about the world of television. Nova BH is made up of good people, good energy, team spirit, and above all, professionalism that gives you “wings” to go further. It’s nice to be part of a team that is on the winning throne day after day. Let’s go further and even better”.

Along with the well-matched presenter couple Amina Hodžić and Aleksandra Hršuma, Armina Čengić and Vlado Marić enjoy the same trust of viewers in Nova BH’s Dnevnik.

“I like challenging days, when everything doesn’t go very smoothly, because it motivates me and then great ideas are born, which we as a team in the end present very well. The feeling of working for the benefit of society fulfills me, because in our stories we are focused absolutely on the life of an individual, the destinies of ordinary people, and they are and remain a priority. The quality of Dnevnik is what we are recognized for, and we will stay on that path in the future” – Armina Čengić proudly points out.

Tomislav Đurić, an editor with more than 30 years of journalistic career during which he produced more than 2,000 news programs in prime time, has been building the news program from the beginning. “Each subsequent show is a new, unexplored field. The team I work with is the most important asset for overcoming this challenge. Hardworking, curious and versatile professionals are the reason that today’s Dnevnik has the potential to be better than yesterday’s.”

In addition to editors and anchors, reporters are also a key link in the news production chain. They are always on the spot, in the center of events, and topicality, objectivity and truthfulness are their mission. One of them is Tahir Žustra. “Find out, research, prove and contextualize – this is the way events turned into news travel to our viewers every day of the year.” The context is what helps them to understand the events around us and reflect on the future more easily, which is why our Dnevnik and Vesti (The News) are loved and not missed. In addition, Nova BH means progress for me. Professional, humane, collegial, friendly – progress in every possible sense” – says Tahir Žustra on Nova BH’s fourth birthday.

Indispensable minutes of Nova BH’s Dnevnik are also made up of the sports editorial office, and reporter and presenter Adis Hadžić especially points out that at Nova BH he has had the opportunity to participate in the implementation of some of the most attractive sports content such as EURO 2020, the Champions League, League of Nations and matches of the BH national football team. It’s a real pleasure to be part of a team made up of true professionals and in an environment where you have the opportunity to grow and improve professionally and as a person day by day.”

During the past four years, Nova BH has become the television of first choice in BiH when it comes to entertainment programs, and among the formats that the Nova BH team is most proud of is certainly the lifestyle magazine Nova IN. Thanks to its high-quality and diverse content interwoven with fun, emotion, warm life stories, reports from every part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region, Nova IN magazine has won the hearts of viewers and today is at the top of the most watched lifestyle and showbiz shows in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Milica Kokotivić points out that she is happy and infinitely proud because she works in a team that functions like a family.

“Nova IN magazine has become a regionally recognizable entertainment show in three years, which is the result of serious commitment and top professionalism of the entire team. We work and create differently, and we have definitely set higher standards for the entertainment program in BiH”.

Along with shows from domestic production, Nova BH breaks records in terms of viewership and when it comes to other entertainment content such as Grand Stars, Survivor, Supertalent, It’s Never Too Late, MasterChef, and enjoys the trust of not only viewers, but also clients of the business community.

“Since the founding and beginning of broadcasting, we have been introducing innovations and setting high standards both in production and in TV advertising. We work responsibly, transparently and in the best interest of Nova BH’s clients, because we believe in long-term relationships, which we nurture with dedication. With an innovative and creative approach to each advertiser, we continuously raise the bar of standards in our profession and improve Nova BH’s market position,” emphasized Ljupka Hamzić, Nova BH’s Sales Director.

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