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Nova Broadcasting Group joins UNICEF in helping children in Ukraine

4th March, 2022

Nova Broadcasting Group joins UNICEF Bulgaria in the extraordinary appeal of the UN Children’s Fund in support of children affected by the conflict in Ukraine. The media and technology company stands behind the organization’s global call for donations to help 7.5 million children. They will meet the humanitarian needs that are growing with each passing hour.

The escalating conflict is an immediate and growing threat to the lives and well-being of children and families in the country. They urgently need support and safety.  

In response to critical and growing needs for clean drinking water, health care, education and protection, UNICEF is working hard to provide life-saving programs for children and their families.

The organization is on the ground and delivers health, hygiene and educational materials as close as possible to the communities affected by the conflict; works with municipalities to provide immediate assistance to children and families in need; provides psychosocial support to children traumatized by constant insecurity.

UNICEF in Bulgaria launched an emergency fundraising campaign to provide emergency humanitarian aid to children and families in Ukraine.

As part of their efforts, UNICEF Bulgaria wanted to expand the communication and fundraising through media partnerships. We already have a very successful cooperation throughout the years and again Nova Broadcasting Group supports their campaign as a media partner.

They have provided awareness raising global videos, fundraising TV spot, key fundraising visuals and digital banners with a call for online donations, photos and available footage from UNICEF work on the ground. We have produced many announcements aired during or after programmes.