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Nova Broadcasting Group moves to a new building and ultra-modern studio complex

2nd February, 2023

Nova Broadcasting Group presented its new office and ultra-modern studio complex, spreading over an area of nearly 17,000 sq.m. The building has impressive architecture created especially for high-quality television and radio production. All media from the company’s portfolio are now based in the new mega complex. This is the first and one of a kind innovative building for electronic media in Bulgaria. Five television studios, four radio studios, spacious equipment rooms, editing rooms and a brand new newsroom, based on the international media standards, ensure top-level experience, which corresponds to the company’s leading position and the audience’s expectations.

The News, Current affairs and Sports shows running on NOVA and NOVA NEWS will be aired from ultra-modern studios, corresponding to the latest standards in television journalism. They have unique designs and hi-tech functionalities. The premises spread over an area of 1,700 sq.m gives a notion of an integrated media space with the help of 15 video walls and over 20 studio cameras of the highest standard. Another studio situated on 1,000 sq.m. is also part of the new building. It has been specially designed to produce other in-house productions of a perfect quality.

This is a landmark project for the media group, providing a space for creative work of a new dimension. As soon as one enters the complex, a multi-functional screen of impressive size (130 sq.m.) provides a memorable experience. Last December, the company’s new building was named best business building of 2022. The prestigious award in the “Corporate Buildings” category was received at the ceremony of the annual national competition “Building of the Year.”