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NOVA celebrates its 30th anniversary at a time when it is enjoying record credibility and a remarkable track record

28th June, 2024

NOVA celebrates at a time when it is enjoying record trust and remarkable results. It started as a small regional broadcaster, but today it is a leader on Bulgarian media market.

The media team thanked the viewers whose homes they have been entering for thirty years – their confidence is what makes NOVA, with its varied programming, the most favoured source of information and entertainment.

The start of NOVA’s development began on July 16, 1994. From a small regional TV station, the company has become a leader in the media market. A pioneer in the introduction of international television projects. And recent TV seasons have shown record viewing figures. Now in its third decade, the media has covered a whole range of events – NOVA has worked tirelessly to keep viewers well informed for the third decade.

In a festive atmosphere with a lot of music and good cheer, Aleksandra Subotić, CEO of United Media, and Krasimira Vasileva Hadjiyska, COO of Nova Broadcasting Group, shared their thoughts about the past and present, about the future of the company.

“People are the key to NOVA’s success. I would like to congratulate them and thank them from the bottom of my heart for the amazing results. Let them stay as they are. Nova Broadcasting Group is the jewel in the crown of United Media. According to the latest report by the Reuters Institute, NOVA is the most credible source of information in Bulgaria. Congratulations for that,” said United Media CEO Aleksandra Subotić.

“We are happy to celebrate with the whole team this important date in NOVA’s history. For 30 years we have changed the media market in Bulgaria. We have gone through many difficult times and many challenges to get to the leadership and success we have today. And behind this is the team, and of course the work, talent, and professionalism of each and every one of them,” said Krasimira Vasileva Hadzhiyska, Chief Operating Officer of Nova Broadcasting Group.