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Nova BH is celebrating third birthday in a new guise

9th October, 2021

NOVA BH, which operates within the United Media, celebrated its third birthday and presented  new visual identity to viewers.

On October 9th, 2018, Nova BH, commercial television channel with a national frequency, started broadcasting programs in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Today, celebrating three successful years of business on the market, they have presented themselves to the viewers in a new guise.

“We have decided to upgrade and refresh our visual identity, modernize it in line with trends and changes in the market as well as our vision – the most powerful and respectable TV channel in the country. The basic message of our new visual identity is unity with the viewers. They are our main motive and inspiration, we are often their voice, we try to inform them objectively, but at the same time entertain them every minute of every day. Thanks to their trust, today, Nova BH is synonymous with top quality TV programs in all segments – from the objective and relevant news program to top and most watched entertainment formats. The new visual identity is another step closer to our audience”, pointed out Dželila Čurt, the CEO of Nova BH.

The new corporate look retains the recognizable orange color, and the familiar circular shape is still a key graphic element of Nova BH. Changes in the dynamics of graphic elements on the screen are interactive and modular, and the graphic expression is more modern and dynamic. The conceptual solution and the original creative concept now follow the visual identity of the Nova television brand at the regional level.

With the new visual identity, the fall on Nova BH is now even more lavish and exciting. In addition to the objective and relevant news program, the viewers of Nova BH enjoy a top entertainment and serial program, such as the popular talent show “Supertalent” and “MasterChef”, lifestyle magazine Nova IN, the premiere episodes of the most watched comedy series “Crazy, Confused, Normal”, as well as the most watched formats from the Grand production – “Grand Stars” and “It’s never too late”.

According to data of the Audience Measurement, Nova BH maintained its position as the most watched TV channel in Bosnia and Herzegovina in September.